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Panama has 2 very distinct seasons: the dry and the rainy. Regardless of when you choose to visit, you will find that the city stays lively year-round and rarely lets the weather affect the activities. Dry season runs from mid-December – mid-April. This is peak tourist season too though and while you do not see much rain, the forest areas remain moist and covered with clouds. Rainy season starts late in April and goes as far as November. Certain activities only occur in the rainy season, like river rafting.

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Spirit Airlines
Spirit Airlines
05 Feb
Boston Logan International airport
15h 07m
1 Stop
Panama City Tocumen Intl airport
Spirit Airlines
11 Feb
Panama City Tocumen Intl airport
7h 03m
1 Stop
Boston Logan International airport
279 USD
Multiple Airlines
Multiple Airlines
23 Jan
Boston Logan International airport
15h 00m
2 Stops
Panama City Tocumen Intl airport
Multiple Airlines
30 Jan
Panama City Tocumen Intl airport
22h 32m
1 Stop
Boston Logan International airport
323 USD
American Airlines
American Airlines
10 Dec
Boston Logan International airport
14h 55m
1 Stop
Panama City Tocumen Intl airport
American Airlines
20 Dec
Panama City Tocumen Intl airport
9h 46m
1 Stop
Boston Logan International airport
381 USD

Which airlines fly to Panama City?

Direct flights from the U.S. to Panama City include United Air Lines, American Airlines, Copa, and Spirit Airlines. Other airlines with a few stops and cheap flights to Panama City are offered by Aeromexico, KLM, TACA, Air France, Avianca, Air Canada, Lufthansa, and Turkish Airlines.

How to get from the airport to Panama City city center?

Below you will find all the airports in Panama City along with the distance from the city center
Panama City Panamá Pacifico
6 mi from city center
Panama City Marcos A. Gelabert International
2 mi from city center
Panama City Tocumen Intl
11 mi from city center

Tocumen International Airport (PTY)

Tocumen International Airport is the largest airport in Panama, and the one Americans use when traveling to the area. In 2017, the new south terminal is expected to open, which will make getting through the airport a little easier. To get over to city center, you have a few options available right from PTY.

Metro Bus

The airport has a few public bus routes that run from the airport to central Panama City. The journey time is slow, taking about 60 minutes, but the fare is very reasonable at just $1.25 USD per trip. Most buses accept only a Metro Bus card except the large white buses with ‘Tocumen’ written at the top. Since these cards are not sold anywhere at the airport or in the vicinity, visitors often pay locals in cash and request them to swipe the card for them


The free airport shuttle goes from the airport to the Metro Mall and takes just 15 minutes. Hotels in the area also have free shuttles that go to-and-from the airport but wait times can be lengthy.


The city heavily regulates all taxi services from the airport. You can find pre-purchased fares to the city center for about $35 USD and it takes about 20 minutes to reach downtown.

Car Rentals

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How to get around in Panama City?

Panama is an exciting, modern capital city. Therefore, you will find plenty of public transportation options to take you around. Once you are in the city center, you can expect it to take only 15 minutes to get from one end to the other, and explore most of the city on foot.


Taxis are the easiest and safest way to get from your hotel to any place downtown. Most rides will cost anywhere from $5 to $10 USD per trip, and there are no taxi meters. You must remember to negotiate the price before you get into the cab. Note that hotel taxis cost more than the ones you flag on the street.

Ride share

Uber does operate downtown in Panama. Download their app ahead of time so you can request a vehicle. The price, however, depends on how many people will share the ride and how far you are going. Uber will often cost more than taxis.

City tour bus

The red double-decker buses stop at all major attractions around town including the Miraflores Museum, Panama Canal, Albrook Mall, and Casco Viejo. You need a 24 or 48-hour pass to get on and off the bus, but it is the best deal for seeing everything in Panama City. While there are multiple deals and combos available on these tickets, a 24-hour pass purchased directly from City Sightseeing Panama is $33 USD per adult while the 48-hour pass is $35 USD per adult. For children between the ages of 4 – 12, tickets are at $20 USD per child.

Bus and subway

The city’s bus and subway are crowded; therefore, they are not recommended for tourists. The Metro Bus only visits one attraction, which is the Albrook Mall. The subway fares, however, are affordable at just $0.35 USD per ride, but you will need a $2.00 USD ride card to start.

Rental Cars

Rental cars are another option in the city, but the rental agencies are all at the airport. You can choose between National, Thrifty, and Dollar Car Rental, but remember that you will be dealing with heavy traffic and different road rules than what you are familiar with in the U.S.

What are the visa and passport requirements when flying to Panama City?

U.S. nationals do not need a visa to visit Panama for up to 180 days. However, they need a Tourist Card for $5 USD at the time of purchasing their travel ticket. For other nationals, please check the Embassy of Panama in the USA website.

Quick facts about Panama City

Time, currency, and the basics — see the local time and get an idea of how much money you will spend on the basics in Panama City
Local time
Panamanian Balboa
Domestic Beer (.5 liter)
0.74 USD
Inexpensive restaurant
9.45 USD
Public transport
One-way ticket
0.25 USD

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Additional info and tips about visiting Panama City

Things to do and places of interest in Panama City

Panama is the heart of Central America. Home to the famous Panama Canal, it is a lively city that is perfect for a weekend getaway. Whether you want to embrace the nightlife of the Latino culture or just explore the sights, you have a few attractions to consider.

  • Head over to Panama Viejo, which is the original Spanish settlement of the area. The ruins here date back to 1519 and are still available to explore.
  • Casco Viejo is another historic district but was renovated to create modern hotels, boutiques, and chic coffee bars. It is the perfect neighborhood to stroll, buy interesting food, and just soak up experiences.
  • Cinta Costera is a nice strip with sports facilities, shopping, and quick access to the ocean. Skyscrapers line the back of the neighborhood, and the walking paths are perfect if you prefer to walk rather than drive.
  • For the best views of the city, climb up to the top of Ancon Hill, known to the locals as Cerro Ancon. You do have to go through a security checkpoint and then 30 minutes of hiking to reach the top. Once you are there, you overlook the city and harbor. It is best to do this in the morning, before the temperatures get too hot.
  • Via Argentina is an upscale neighborhood of Panama City and has some of the finer eateries and bars for nightlife.
  • Attractions are equally plentiful in the area, like the Metropolitan National Park and the trails. You can also visit the Biomuseo (Museum of Biodiversity), which is a fun place to stop in and explore. Naturally, you need to see the famous Panama Canal and the Railway, which are all accessible by the Metro Bus.
  • Head over to the small, ancient fishing village of Portobelo and include a visit to Isla Grande to see the simpler life of Panama.
  • For a relaxing day on the beach, head to Taboga Island, which is 30 minutes from Panama City and offers a much more relaxed atmosphere than the beaches right next to the city.

Tips and tricks for visiting Panama City

Panama City has a reputation for being safe overall, but also sketchy at times. If you stick to the tourist areas, you do not have to worry about venturing into unsafe areas.

Mind the weather

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