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Avg travel time

3h 15m
The average bus ride from San Jose to Fresno is 3h 15m

San Jose Bus Station Directory

Location of major bus stations in San Jose
San Jose Lee SandwichSan Jose, 37.3199, -121.824
San Jose TamienSan Jose, 37.31234, -121.8841
San JoseSan Jose, 37.326683, -121.811264
San Jose King & VirginiaSan Jose, 37.3453371174371, -121.84835286109924
San Jose Bus StopSan Jose, 37.33117, -121.88799
San Jose TufesaSan Jose, 37.340946, -121.86255

Fresno Bus Station Directory

Location of major bus stations in Fresno
Fresno Coarsegold BusFresno, 37.261898, -119.69968
Fresno Fashion Fair MallFresno, 36.807343, -119.77679
Fresno DowntownFresno, 36.73264, -119.78178
Fresno Central Bus StationFresno, 36.73283, -119.79302
Fresno Shaw & CedarFresno, 36.80877, -119.75553
Fresno ACNFresno, 36.732025, -119.79647

FAQs for booking bus tickets from San Jose to Fresno

Are there any stops along the bus route from San Jose to Fresno?

Although routes can differ, most buses from San Jose to Fresno make a few stops along the way. For example, early morning Greyhound buses typically head north from San Jose towards Oakland and San Francisco. After that, the buses make short stops at Oakland, Hayward, and Tracy, before taking a longer stop in Modesto, California. From there, buses make three additional short stops – the first in Turlock, the second in Merced, and the third in Madera. A half-hour or so after departing Madera, the buses from San Jose to Fresno arrive in the city of Fresno. Alternatively, FlixBus operates a shorter route that leaves in the afternoon and goes directly from San Jose to Fresno with no intermediate stops.

What bus stations do you depart from and arrive at when traveling from San Jose to Fresno?

There are two main stops that you’ll depart from or arrive at when taking buses from San Jose to Fresno. For departure, most Greyhound buses leave from the San Jose Diridon Station, and most FlixBus buses leave from a bus stop across from the Convention Center. Luckily, the Green Line light rail provides regular service between these two locations. When arriving in Fresno, most Greyhound buses arrive at the Fresno Station. Most FlixBus buses, on the other hand, arrive at the Shaw & Cedar bus stop. A convenient way to go from one to the other is to take a cab or ride-share. Public buses are possible, but usually require a few transfers and extra waiting time.

What do I need before boarding a bus from San Jose to Fresno?

Passengers traveling on a bus to Fresno from San Jose need to bring a bus ticket and ID prior to boarding the bus. You may purchase your bus ticket online in advance and then download the e-ticket and show it to the driver. Another option is to purchase your bus ticket from San Jose to Fresno at the San Jose Diridon Station. Before boarding, you also need to show a government-issued ID – a driver’s license, passport, or non-driver’s ID is fine. A college ID, library card, or other alternative ID are not accepted. If you’re over the age of 17, you are fine to board. However, if you’re between the ages of 12 and 16 and traveling alone, then an Unaccompanied Child Form needs to be filled out prior to boarding.

What amenities are offered on buses traveling from San Jose to Fresno?

There are a variety of companies that offer bus/buses to Fresno from San Jose, and most of them have a similar range of amenities. Complimentary Wi-Fi for the entire trip is usually included, as are power outlets that allow passengers to keep their phones, laptops, and other devices fully charged. Most bus seats are made from comfortable fabric and allow passengers to recline backward. The cramped middle seats have been taken out of most buses to Fresno from San Jose, so you may choose either an aisle seat or a window seat. Buses come equipped with an onboard restroom in the back in case you need to go before the scheduled stops. For passengers with reduced mobility, a wheelchair lift provides access to the bus and accessible seating is available up front.

What luggage can I bring on a bus from San Jose to Fresno?

If you’re traveling on San Jose to Fresno buses, then you’re generally allowed up to four pieces of luggage – a carry-on and three checked bags. The carry-on bag can be up to 25 lbs in weight, and it needs to be small enough to fit overhead, on your lap, or under your seat. The checked bags that go under the bus can be up to 50 lbs in weight and 62 linear inches in size. Generally speaking, most bus tickets from San Jose to Fresno allow one free carry-on and one free checked bag. Two additional checked bags with the same weight and size requirements can be added for an extra fee. Backpacks, duffel bags, and suitcases are usually accepted, but paper bags, plastic bags, and bags with protruding items are usually prohibited.

How long is the bus ride from San Jose to Fresno Airterminal?

The quickest bus available from San Jose will take 3h 15m to arrive in Fresno Airterminal.

How far is San Jose to Fresno Airterminal by bus?

San Jose and Fresno Airterminal are 123.1 mi apart from one another. The actual distance traveled by bus depends on the route taken - roadwork or traffic often impact this and longer routes can change often. The bus takes 3h 15m, normally.

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Buses to Fresno from Portland
Fastest travel time18h 15m
Cheapest price$173

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Buses from San Jose to Los Angeles
Fastest travel time6h 35m
Cheapest price$92

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