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4h 24m
Average time it takes to travel by train from Nuremberg to Berlin

Nuremberg Train Station Directory

Location of major train stations in Nuremberg
Nuremberg HauptbahnhofNuremberg, 49.446389, 11.081944

Berlin Train Station Directory

Location of major train stations in Berlin
Berlin U TierparkBerlin, 52.49694, 13.523338
Berlin HirschgartenBerlin, 52.457973, 13.602135
Berlin KaulsdorfBerlin, 52.512096, 13.588939
Berlin KöpenickBerlin, 52.45869, 13.579914
Berlin LichtenradeBerlin, 52.3873, 13.396174
Berlin Lichterfelde WestBerlin, 52.443344, 13.293733

FAQs for booking trains from Nuremberg to Berlin

Deutsche Bahn, the main train service provider for travelers from Nuremberg to Berlin, has a policy that allows passengers to board trains from Nuremberg to Berlin with their pets. This policy is good for children or adults who like traveling with their dogs or cats. However, you must understand and adhere to three strict provisions within the policy. First, the pet should stay in a closed carrier or cage for the entire journey. This helps avoid cases where a freely moving pet could become a bother to the other passengers on the train. For pets whose weight plus that of the carrier exceeds 22 lbs, the traveler must pay an additional fee to bring them on the train. Otherwise, trains will carry pets weighing less than 22 lbs for free, which is a nice perk for pet owners. Lastly, the policy restricts travelers from booking seats for their pets.

When traveling on Nuremberg to Berlin trains, you don’t need to worry about the kind of luggage you bring onboard. Although there are limitations in the luggage policy of Deutsche Bahn trains, their enforcement is loose. This gives leeway to travelers who want to move with more baggage, particularly those traveling with kids. The major restrictions in the policy apply to the weight of the luggage and the number of luggage pieces. The policy limits passengers to traveling with no more than three pieces of luggage: two large suitcases and one small bag. For these pieces of luggage, passengers do not pay any extra charges. Additionally, the policy requires that the weight of any piece of luggage should not be more than 40 lbs. However, the absence of strict policy enforcement when boarding Deutsche Bahn trains makes it possible for many travelers to board trains to Berlin from Nuremberg with luggage that exceeds the weight limits.

Free Wi-Fi is one of the onboard amenities that make traveling on Deutsche Bahn trains to Berlin from Nuremberg such a great experience. Nothing is more relaxing than traveling while enjoying the online entertainment of your choice. Wi-Fi gives you the opportunity to stream your favorite music or videos throughout your journey. In addition to your train tickets, do not forget to bring your smartphone, tablet, and/or laptop when traveling on Nuremberg to Berlin trains to utilize the free high-speed Wi-Fi. In addition to its availability on trains, free Wi-Fi is also provided in all Deutsche Bahn train stations in Nuremberg. However, its use by travelers waiting to board their trains is regulated. For instance, in most of the Deutsche Bahn train stations, travelers are granted only 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi access. This is the estimated duration during which most travelers wait for the arrival of their trains.

Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof is the main departure station for all trains to Berlin from Nuremberg. If you are planning to travel from Nuremberg to Berlin, you will certainly board a Deutsche Bahn train that departs from Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof. Nuremberg Eibach and Nuremberg Hohe Marter are the two major train stations with train lines connected to Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof. This makes it possible for travelers on trains in Nuremberg who need to connect to Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof before proceeding to Berlin. The availability of bus stops near this station also makes it easily accessible for travelers who prefer using buses. The trip takes about five hours on most trains from Nuremberg to Berlin.

The most time-efficient journey by train from Nürnberg to Berlin Brandenburg currently available is 2h 49m. Travel time typically varies by up to 1h 35m, depending on your train details.

The straight-line distance from Nürnberg to Berlin Brandenburg is 234.7 mi, but the actual distance you’ll travel by train depends on the route taken. The train takes 2h 49m, typically.

Popular train routes to Berlin

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Trains to Berlin from Frankfurt am Main
Fastest travel time0h 02m
Cheapest price$61
Trains to Berlin from Munich
Fastest travel time3h 54m
Cheapest price$40
Trains to Berlin from Amsterdam
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Cheapest price$86
Trains to Berlin from Hannover
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Cheapest price$71
Trains to Berlin from Hamburg
Fastest travel time1h 33m
Cheapest price$103
Trains to Berlin from Stuttgart
Fastest travel time5h 38m
Cheapest price$42

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