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Amsterdam to Cologne train information

Find information about ticket prices, popular stations, and train companies that offer trains from Amsterdam to Cologne


3h 12m
Average time it takes to travel by train from Amsterdam to Cologne

Amsterdam Train Station Directory

Location of major train stations in Amsterdam
Amsterdam Van der MadewegAmsterdam, 52.330135, 4.92975
Amsterdam LelylaanAmsterdam, 52.357773, 4.833936
Amsterdam Science ParkAmsterdam, 52.352967, 4.948443
Amsterdam Burg.de VlugtlaanAmsterdam, 52.37975, 4.83827
Amsterdam MuiderpoortAmsterdam, 52.360822, 4.93118
Amsterdam RAIAmsterdam, 52.33669, 4.890725

Cologne Train Station Directory

Location of major train stations in Cologne
Cologne Geldernstraße/ParkgürtelCologne, 50.968548, 6.941416
Cologne SüdCologne, 50.9273, 6.938063
Cologne Volkhovener WegCologne, 51.014267, 6.893395
Cologne WestCologne, 50.94367, 6.934386
Cologne BuchforstCologne, 50.953484, 7.004322
Cologne ChorweilerCologne, 51.021046, 6.897971

FAQs for booking trains from Amsterdam to Cologne

What stops are along the train from Amsterdam to Cologne?

Some of the most popular and frequent trains to Cologne from Amsterdam are provided by Deutsche Bahn. The total trip usually takes anywhere from 3h 40mins to 4h and includes a few stops at stations along the way. Passengers who ride on train lines making this route will most likely make their first stop at Utrecht Centraal Station in the Netherlands around 30 minutes or so after departing from Amsterdam. Around 1h 30 mins later, trains make their second stop at Venlo station on the border with Germany. From there, trains go for another 30 minutes or so before making a third stop at Mönchengladbach in Germany. Around 55 minutes after that, the trains will arrive at Cologne Central Station. Alternatively, a route with fewer stops (but taking around 20 minutes longer) departs from Amsterdam Central Station, heads to Brussels-Midi Railway Station, and then goes to Cologne Central Station.

Do Deutsche Bahn trains from Amsterdam to Cologne have Wi-Fi?

Yes, Deutsche Bahn provides free Wi-Fi to passengers on board their trains from Amsterdam to Cologne. Other train companies, like FlixTrain and Thalys, also provide this free service. In general, the Wi-Fi is meant for low-bandwidth activities like browsing the web, checking emails, or scrolling through social media. High-bandwidth activities like downloading files or streaming music and movies may slow down the service for other passengers. Since the Wi-Fi network is part of a public network, there’s also no guarantee that information can’t be intercepted. For that reason, it’s recommended to keep sensitive activities like entering personal or financial information to a minimum. Most train companies also offer a preloaded suite of entertainment options (TV series, films, audiobooks) that are accessible when you log into the Wi-Fi network. Other amenities on board Amsterdam to Cologne trains include power outlets for charging devices and food carts with snacks, meals, and beverages.

What luggage is allowed on Amsterdam to Cologne trains?

Although passengers on trains to Cologne from Amsterdam may choose to purchase train tickets from different companies, most of them have similar luggage policies. For example, Deutsche Bahn and Thalys don’t set weight limits on luggage, but they must be carried by one person. Thalys allows passengers to bring one hand luggage item (laptop case, handbag, etc.) and two larger luggage items (up to 63 linear inches) and, generally speaking, so does Deutsche Bahn. Travelers on FlixTrain trains may bring one free carry-on (up to 15 lbs and around 36 linear inches) and one free checked bag (up to 44 lbs and 63 linear inches). An additional piece of luggage weighing 44 lbs or less may be added for a fee. The small hand luggage on Amsterdam to Cologne trains can be placed on your lap, overhead, or under your seat. Larger luggage can be stowed in designated luggage rack spaces of each passenger car.

What train stations are used when traveling from Amsterdam to Cologne?

There are two main train stations that passengers on trains from Amsterdam to Cologne need to be aware of. The first is Amsterdam Centraal Station, and the second is Cologne Central Station. Amsterdam Centraal Station is where most international trains depart from. If you find yourself far away from the central station, you may take Metro lines 51, 52, 53, or 54 to get from stations like Sloterdijk (in the west), Amstel (in the south), or Noord (in the north) to Amsterdam Centraal Station. Alternatively, plenty of tram lines and public buses provide frequent travel to and from Amsterdam Centraal Station. Cologne Central Station – also referred to as Koln Hauptbahnhof in German – is where most international trains from Amsterdam arrive.

How long is the train ride from Amsterdam Schiphol to Cologne Köln/Bonn?

Arrive at your destination quickly by taking a 3h 10m train from Amsterdam Schiphol to Cologne Köln/Bonn. Depending on the train you select, the travel time may vary by up to 0h 02m.

How far is Amsterdam Schiphol to Cologne Köln/Bonn by train?

A train from Amsterdam Schiphol to Cologne Köln/Bonn will travel much more than the 132.5 mi distance between them. The actual distance depends on the route taken, and stops along the way. The train journey is around 3h 10m long.

Popular train routes to Cologne

Most frequently searched train routes to Cologne, along with the cheapest price and shortest travel time.
Trains to Cologne from Paris
Fastest travel time3h 20m
Cheapest price$103
Trains to Cologne from Brussels
Fastest travel time1h 50m
Cheapest price$93
Trains to Cologne from Mannheim
Fastest travel time1h 28m
Cheapest price$93

Other train routes from Amsterdam

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Trains from Amsterdam to Paris
Fastest travel time3h 20m
Cheapest price$136
Trains from Amsterdam to London
Fastest travel time1h 56m
Cheapest price$68
Trains from Amsterdam to Rotterdam
Fastest travel time0h 41m
Cheapest price$67
Trains from Amsterdam to Brussels
Fastest travel time1h 57m
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Trains from Amsterdam to Berlin
Fastest travel time7h 53m
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