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Rotterdam to Eindhoven bus information

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Avg travel time

1h 55m
The average bus ride from Rotterdam to Eindhoven is 1h 55m

Rotterdam Bus Station Directory

Location of major bus stations in Rotterdam
Rotterdam Capelsebrug MetrostationRotterdam, 51.92037, 4.558757
Rotterdam Port of RotterdamRotterdam, 51.949776, 4.145281
Rotterdam The Hague The HagueRotterdam, 52.07667, 4.29861
Rotterdam The Hague Htm BusstationRotterdam, 51.992958, 4.211308
Rotterdam ZalmstraatRotterdam, 51.91058, 4.482152

Eindhoven Bus Station Directory

Location of major bus stations in Eindhoven
Eindhoven Flight ForumEindhoven, 51.45421, 5.401436
Eindhoven ZernikestraatEindhoven, 51.44533, 5.4711413

FAQs for booking bus tickets from Rotterdam to Eindhoven

What bus stations do you depart from and arrive at when travelling from Rotterdam to Eindhoven?

Most buses from Rotterdam to Eindhoven depart from Conradstraat and arrive at Eindhoven bus station. You can also board a bus from Rotterdam Centraal Station and Westerstraat. Your route may also end at other bus stations like Eindhoven Centraal and Stationsweg. The public transport system throughout Rotterdam is easy to navigate, allowing you to get to the bus stations fast. You can also move around by car, bicycle, or on foot. Conradstraat is within downtown Rotterdam. But when booking a trip from Rotterdam Centraal Station, you will need to take a short walk from the city center to get there. Once you arrive at Eindhoven Centraal, you’ll find walking helpful when orienting yourself in downtown Eindhoven.

How many buses are there from Rotterdam to Eindhoven each day?

Expect about five direct buses to Eindhoven from Rotterdam every day, Monday to Sunday. The most popular bus companies on this route are Flixbus and BlaBlaBus. At momondo, we present deals from different bus lines to help you pick a Rotterdam Eindhoven bus ticket. Flixbus, recognizable by a fleet of green buses, is an affordable bus company that was founded in Germany and now serves Europe and the USA. You can book an overnight trip with Flixbus. Check out our latest bus schedule from Rotterdam to Eindhoven so you can plan your best time to leave on your travel date. BlaBlaBus is a relatively new bus company and offers budget-friendly bus tickets from Rotterdam to Eindhoven. You can easily spot these buses by their red color.

What amenities are offered on buses travelling from Rotterdam to Eindhoven?

Travelling on a bus to Eindhoven from Rotterdam allows you to reserve specific seats. You can book an extra seat, panorama seat, or table seat. After making a reservation online, your seat number is saved and sent to you the same day via email. Standard amenities like power outlets for charging devices, Wi-Fi, toilets, and luggage space are onboard. Some modern buses are equipped with air conditioning, reclining seats, and USB plugs. They have got you covered with extra legroom so you can relax or sleep throughout the journey. Even though Flixbus allows eating and drinking inside the bus, you should avoid messy foods not drink too much alcohol.

What luggage can I bring on a bus from Rotterdam to Eindhoven?

Standard tickets for buses to Eindhoven from Rotterdam allow one checked bag and one carry-on bag per passenger. Baggage allowance is limited to one free baggage that must not exceed specific dimensions in centimeters and weight in kilograms. Check the exact size from the official page of the bus company you will be travelling with. Baggage could mean anything from a suitcase to a piece of equipment. In some cases, a trekking backpack is treated differently. If there are any exceptions to luggage policies, they will be indicated when booking tickets online. Stow your checked bag in the luggage compartment before taking your seat. Drivers are always willing to help with that. Don’t forget to label your bag or add a tag with your name, phone number, and address.

Can I bring a pet on board the bus from Rotterdam to Eindhoven?

Travel conditions for pets differ from one bus company to the next. Just to be on the safe side, contact your preferred company directly. Flixbus doesn’t allow animals on the coaches, be it a cat or dog, for safety reasons. However, you are allowed to travel with a companion or guide dog from Rotterdam to Eindhoven. As long as you present a medical or official certificate, you can bring a companion dog with you. The certificate must state that you need the dog all the time. It is important to specify this when reserving a bus ticket so they can book a space for your guide dog. It would help if you contact customer service at least 24 hours before departure to confirm the reservation.

How long is the bus ride from Rotterdam The Hague to Eindhoven?

The quickest bus available from Rotterdam The Hague will take 1h 55m to arrive in Eindhoven.

How far is Rotterdam The Hague to Eindhoven by bus?

There’s 54.2 mi from Rotterdam The Hague to Eindhoven. The distance via bus depends on which roads the driver takes - this can change mid-journey. In terms of time, 1h 55m by bus is reasonable for normal traffic levels.

More bus options to Eindhoven

Besides Rotterdam there are other cities with transportation to Eindhoven. See below for more options.
Buses to Eindhoven from Frankfurt am Main
Fastest travel time6h 30m
Cheapest price$241

Other popular bus routes from Rotterdam

Change your mind about taking a bus to Eindhoven? Below are other buses from Rotterdam that are popular with momondo users
Buses from Rotterdam to Amsterdam
Fastest travel time1h 15m
Cheapest price$68

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