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Popular station

Pearl 685 U.S. 80
The most commonly used station in Jackson, Mississippi is Pearl 685 U.S. 80.

Jackson, Mississippi Bus Station Directory

Location of major bus stations in Jackson, Mississippi
Jackson Pearl 685 U.S. 80Jackson, 32.276028, -90.15946

FAQs for booking bus tickets to Jackson

What are the benefits of taking a bus from Jackson?

When considering a bus from Jackson, you should know you made a good decision traveling by on Jackson buses. Cheap bus tickets usually don’t fluctuate much so you’ll always be able to travel and save. There is also the certainty that your baggage will not get lost like it could on an airplane since the luggage is always stowed on the bus. On a bus from Jackson, you also never have to be concerned about driving in traffic or filling up on gas. Perhaps the most ideal thing about a cheap bus to Jackson is you get to enjoy the views for the entire journey. You’ll have the ability to charge your devices right from your seat, and the seats recline for ultimate comfort.

Do bus stations in Jackson offer any amenities?

When checking bus prices for Jackson, you’ll be more organized if you know the station. If you need to change or book bus tickets from Jackson, the station has kiosks and help desks. You can charge your electronic devices in the station, and vending machines are available. Restaurants are all around the station and walkable if you want to grab a meal before your bus. Jackson cheap bus tickets are worth booking to save big on your trip. The station is equipped to assist disabled passengers, and wheelchairs are available by request. It’s a good idea to let the station know when booking tickets if you require additional assistance after you arrive or while on the train. Be sure to arrive at the station at least 50 minutes before your train departs.

What do I need before boarding a bus from Jackson?

For Jackson buses, you must have a valid driver’s license and it’s a good idea to have a second form of identification like a passport. For your bus from Jackson, you’ll also need a copy of your bus ticket, and this can either be in the form of an e-ticket or a printed copy. You must show your photo ID with your ticket, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration calls for random ticket checks throughout the trip. If you plan on traveling across a border on Jackson buses, make certain you have a valid passport with the second identification documents. If leasing a car, always keep the lease agreements handy to show proof of registration. If you travel with a therapy animal, you must show a certificate signed by a veterinarian.

What luggage can I bring on a bus from Jackson?

For your journey on Jackson buses, it helps to know the luggage allowances, that way you don’t have to worry during the trip. You can bring one bag under 50lbs (22.6kg), and a carry-on bag that does not exceed 25lbs (11.3kg). Additional bags may be purchased for a nominal fee. For cheap buses in Jackson, you can also take a bicycle on your trip, but the bike must weigh below 40lbs (18.1kg). The bike must be in a storage bag and these are available for purchase at the station. Depending on the day of travel, there may not be room for a bike. After booking your bus tickets from Jackson, it’s best to check the momondo app for bus changes and to see if there is room for your bike.

When does the first and last bus depart from Jackson?

For Jackson buses there is one bus departing daily, but there could be more depending on your destination. The bus departs at 7:05 pm and if you were, for example, traveling to Birmingham, it arrives at 11:55 pm. To check all bus schedules, you can use the momondo app frequently as it tells you how many buses for your city and the date of travel. For larger cities like Atlanta, three buses depart daily, with the earliest bus departing around 2:10 pm, and the last bus at 7:05 pm.

How much is a bus ticket to Jackson-Evers Intl?

Users have found that prices vary from their starting point. If you’re catching a bus from Birmingham for instance, prices usually start from around $120, while leaving from Meridian, a low price would be $347.

What is the main bus station in Jackson-Evers Intl?

Pearl 685 U.S. 80 is a popular station to arrive at. You’ll find many options from here to get to your destination. A frequently accessed city you can get to by bus from Pearl 685 U.S. 80 is Birmingham.

Popular bus routes to Jackson

Most frequently searched bus routes to Jackson, along with the cheapest price and shortest travel time.
Buses to Jackson from Birmingham
Fastest travel time4h 30m
Cheapest price$120
Buses to Jackson from Meridian
Fastest travel time1h 30m
Cheapest price$347

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