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Basel to Karlsruhe bus information

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Avg travel time

3h 15m
The average bus ride from Basel to Karlsruhe is 3h 15m

Basel Bus Station Directory

Location of major bus stations in Basel
Basel Musical TheaterBasel, 47.56900778427121, 7.597578677246091
Basel HeiliggeistkircheBasel, 47.54194, 7.5982285
Basel Mulhouse Hertz Mulhouse DowntownBasel, 47.749504, 7.350879
Basel Customs Office Basel/St.Louis-AutobahnBasel, 47.57487, 7.565326
Basel Mulhouse Ibis Centre FilatureBasel, 47.753994, 7.348715

Karlsruhe Bus Station Directory

Location of major bus stations in Karlsruhe
KarlsruheKarlsruhe, 49.004723, 8.385833
Karlsruhe Offenburg OffenburgKarlsruhe, 48.48225, 7.946832

FAQs for booking bus tickets from Basel to Karlsruhe

What amenities are offered on buses traveling from Basel to Karlsruhe?

You need to note that several bus lines offer buses from Basel to Karlsruhe are different. Therefore, the services being offered might vary, too! Additionally, these amenities might vary according to the class you have boarded. However, typically, you will find Wi-Fi onboard. Therefore, you can easily catch up on your day’s jobs and reply to work emails conveniently while traveling. You can also kill boredom by streaming music, watching your favorite shows, and using social media. Other amenities that you can find include adequate legroom for extra comfort, power outlets to charge your electronic devices, beverages, snacks, and drinks and other refreshments. Cafe services are available for all passengers regardless of the class they are travelling in. Better still, some buses such as Flixbus have free entertainment, the FLIXtainment Onboard Entertainment.

What luggage can I bring on a bus from Basel to Karlsruhe?

Buses plying the Basel-Karlsruhe route have lenient policies when it comes to luggage. For example, your ticket is inclusive of free luggage transportation for one carry-on bag and one suitcase. These buses have ample storage space that can fit your luggage. Additionally, you can find overhead compartments for your extra storage. For the carry-on bag, it should not exceed the following dimensions: 11 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 16 inches tall. For the suitcase, it should not weigh more than 45 lbs. For extra safety, you can use the spaces under the seats.

What do I need before boarding a bus from Basel to Karlsruhe?

First of all, you should always be in possession of identification at all times. Additionally, you should have your ticket with you. You have to produce it before boarding. To add to that, it is recommended that you also have the software version of your ticket on your phone. This will come in handy in an event of losing the physical ticket. Remember, this might happen when on a stop and you have to produce one before getting back on the bus. Passengers with a disability are required to contact the service providers at least three days before traveling. This is so that you can be provided with extra services such as a companion and foldable chairs. However, you should remember to carry your Disability Card.

How many buses are there from Basel to Karlsruhe?

On a normal day, seven buses ply the Basel to Karlsruhe route. Each bus covers a distance of approximately 2h 45min. However, the fastest journey will be at least 2 hours, but this is mostly for high-speed trains. Out of these seven buses, six of them will take the direct route. This means that traveling this route gives you the luxury of avoiding long journeys. You can compare these prices and book through momondo. However, those who fancy shorter cheaper travel can book the connection buses. This bus might even involve switching between buses.

What bus stations do you depart from and arrive at when traveling from Basel to Karlsruhe?

Buses from Basel to Karlsruhe leave Basel from the Basel Central Station. On arrival, you will alight the bus at the Sudseite Hauptbahnhof. The good thing about these stations is that they are strategically placed within or nearby the city center. As such, accessing them is easy. For example, you can get to the Basel station on foot. However, if you have heavy luggage, you can opt for a taxi service available throughout the city. Taxi companies such as the Taxi Basel and Zentrale AG Basel can conveniently get you to the station. On arrival, you will also find numerous taxis in Karlsruhe. Here, the most trusted taxi companies include Eris Tax, Taxi Bruder, and Exclusive Taxi Karlsruhe.

How long is the bus ride from Basel to Karlsruhe Söllingen?

The fastest journey time from Basel to Karlsruhe Söllingen is 3h 05m. Depending on the bus you select, the travel time may vary by up to 0h 10m.

How far is Basel to Karlsruhe Söllingen by bus?

A bus from Basel to Karlsruhe Söllingen will travel much more than the 107.1 mi distance between them. The actual distance depends on the route taken, which can change based on traffic, tolls and closures. Most buses from Basel going to Karlsruhe Söllingen will get there in around 3h 05m - but this can get longer during peak traffic times.

More bus options to Karlsruhe

Besides Basel there are other cities with transportation to Karlsruhe. See below for more options.
Buses to Karlsruhe from Frankfurt am Main
Fastest travel time2h 00m
Cheapest price$371
Buses to Karlsruhe from Munich
Fastest travel time3h 45m
Cheapest price$110
Buses to Karlsruhe from Brussels
Fastest travel time7h 35m
Cheapest price$63

Other popular bus routes from Basel

Change your mind about taking a bus to Karlsruhe? Below are other buses from Basel that are popular with momondo users
Buses from Basel to Frankfurt am Main
Fastest travel time5h 00m
Cheapest price$171

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