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Travel Restriction Alert

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak may impact travel from United States to Quelimane.
View current Mozambique travel restrictions

When is the best time to fly to Quelimane?

    Can I fly to Quelimane from United States right now?

    Information is based on travel restrictions from United States to Quelimane

    Most visitors from United States need to provide a negative COVID-19 test result and/or quarantine to enter Quelimane.

    COVID-19 testing requirements
    Visitors from United States must present a negative RT-PCR (NAAT) test taken 72 hours before departing to Quelimane.

    Quarantine requirements
    Visitors from United States are not required to quarantine after entering Quelimane.

    Can I fly back to United States from Quelimane?

    Returning to United States from Quelimane

    COVID-19 testing requirements
    Visitors from Quelimane must present a negative RT-PCR (NAAT) or Antigen (quick-test) test taken 24 hours before departing to United States.

    Quarantine requirements
    Visitors from Quelimane are not required to quarantine after entering United States.

    If you are planning to travel to Quelimane at this time, it is recommended that you stay up to date on current restrictions and follow proper safety measures while in public.

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