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Eindhoven to Rotterdam bus information

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Avg travel time

1h 32m
The average bus ride from Eindhoven to Rotterdam is 1h 32m

Eindhoven Bus Station Directory

Location of major bus stations in Eindhoven
Eindhoven Flight ForumEindhoven, 51.45421, 5.401436
Eindhoven ZernikestraatEindhoven, 51.44533, 5.4711413

Rotterdam Bus Station Directory

Location of major bus stations in Rotterdam
Rotterdam Capelsebrug MetrostationRotterdam, 51.92037, 4.558757
Rotterdam Port of RotterdamRotterdam, 51.949776, 4.145281
Rotterdam The Hague The HagueRotterdam, 52.07667, 4.29861
Rotterdam The Hague Htm BusstationRotterdam, 51.992958, 4.211308
Rotterdam ZalmstraatRotterdam, 51.91058, 4.482152

FAQs for booking bus tickets from Eindhoven to Rotterdam

How many buses are there from Eindhoven to Rotterdam each day?

On average, two buses depart from Eindhoven to Rotterdam each day. However, there can always be more or fewer depending on the providers. The timetables can always fluctuate during specific days of the week, weekends and holidays. Some departures and arrivals may also change during certain times and seasons of the year. For example, some providers may change their schedules in the summer or Christmas holidays. During busy days some companies can have up to three or four departures. The providers plying this route operate independent programs to accommodate specific customer preferences. For example, some operate direct journeys while some connect to stopovers along the journey. This independence also determines the time you will have to take from one destination to another.

When does the first and last bus depart from Eindhoven to Rotterdam?

Buses leaving Eindhoven for Rotterdam do so from as early as 5:30 am to as late as 11:30 pm. When traveling the opposite route, the earliest and latest bus departs from around 12:20 am and 11:50 pm, respectively. The bus companies often show their customers the respective schedules to book ideal departure times for the travels.

What amenities are offered on buses travelling from Eindhoven to Rotterdam?

Buses plying this route offer different amenities to make your ride as comfortable and convenient as possible. Almost all buses have power sockets where you can charge your phone or laptops. They also have free Wi-Fi for all valid ticket holders. The providers often display the Wi-Fi names at strategic places inside the buses. Most buses from Eindhoven to Rotterdam are fitted with air-conditioning systems to guarantee fresh and conducive air. They also have toilets on board, typically situated at the back. The providers require users traveling with children under the age of three to bring on board age-appropriate toddler car seats, which in most cases, you will fit the seat yourself. Disability access is also provided in some buses. We recommend that you check the accessibility of the vehicles on the route before your booking.

Is the bus ride from Eindhoven to Rotterdam scenic?

You will spend roughly 1h 45min on the road when traveling from Eindhoven to Rotterdam by bus. While this is quite a ride, it has some beautiful natural scenes that make it captivating and leave you yearning for more. Three sites—Loonse En Drunense Duinen, National Park De Biesbosch and Noordwaard polder—standout along this road. Loonse En Drunense Duinen or the Dunes of Loon and Drunen National Park gives you a perfect view of scenic dunes and a view of the sunny desert life. It is located between Tilburg, Waalwijk, and 's-Hertogenbosch to the south of the Netherlands. The other two parks are close to each other just and are notorious for dykes that rise to 2 m above AOD (Amsterdam Ordnance Datum). Here, you may also get to witness green life introduced by the unique freshwater delta in De Biesbosch National Park, one of the largest national parks in the Netherlands.

What bus station do you depart from and arrive at when travelling from Eindhoven to Rotterdam?

Passengers traveling from Eindhoven, in most cases, may need to travel from the CBD to get to the Eindhoven bus station. Those arriving in Rotterdam mostly alight at Conradstraat (Centraal Station) and often need to travel to the city center. So, we recommend putting all these factors in your travel plans to avoid any inconvenience during your journey. However, there are several other stations that you can use for this ride. Buses leaving Eindhoven to Rotterdam depart from other stations like John F Kennedylaan, Eindhoven Zandrijk, Bredalaan, Cederlaan, Eidhoven. On reaching Rotterdam, they drop passengers off at Rotterdam, Metrostation Capelsebrug, Rotterdam Bushaltestelle, or Weena - Rotterdam.

How long is the bus ride from Eindhoven to Rotterdam The Hague?

The quickest bus available from Eindhoven will take 1h 20m to arrive in Rotterdam The Hague. Your arrival can differ by about 0h 12m. This largely depends on whether your bus ride includes stops or is a direct route from Eindhoven to Rotterdam The Hague.

How far is Eindhoven to Rotterdam The Hague by bus?

The distance between Eindhoven and Rotterdam The Hague is about 54.2 mi in a straight line. In terms of time, 1h 20m by bus is reasonable for normal traffic levels.

More bus options to Rotterdam

Besides Eindhoven there are other cities with transportation to Rotterdam. See below for more options.
Buses to Rotterdam from Amsterdam
Fastest travel time1h 15m
Cheapest price$95

Other popular bus routes from Eindhoven

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Buses from Eindhoven to Brussels
Fastest travel time1h 50m
Cheapest price$137
Buses from Eindhoven to Amsterdam
Fastest travel time1h 25m
Cheapest price$132
Buses from Eindhoven to Krakow
Fastest travel time17h 10m
Cheapest price$187

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