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Boston Train Station Directory

Location of major train stations in Boston
Boston Quincy Center StationBoston, 42.25201, -71.00597
Boston DoverBoston, 43.197968, -70.878365
Boston FraminghamBoston, 42.276688, -71.417465
Boston Westwood Route 128 and University ParkBoston, 42.210278, -71.14722
Boston North StationBoston, 42.366234, -71.06112
Boston Back BayBoston, 42.34722, -71.075554

Montreal Train Station Directory

Location of major train stations in Montreal
Montreal DorvalMontreal, 45.448763, -73.741329
Montreal Saint-LambertMontreal, 45.499167, -73.507222
Montreal CentralMontreal, 45.499443, -73.565834

FAQs for booking trains from Boston to Montreal

Do you need a passport to travel from Boston to Montreal by train?

Traveling via train from Boston to Montreal will offer you a memorable dual-country adventure. Since this route connects two countries, you will be required to present a passport before boarding an Amtrak train to Montreal from Boston, in line with the requirements of crossing the United States border to Canada. Apart from the passport, which is universally acceptable, you may also be required to produce other valid identification documents, such as a visa, when necessary. Therefore, once you have your Boston to Montreal train ticket, all you need is to grab your passport and you will be all set for this exciting inter-country journey using the train as an affordable and convenient means of travel.

What train stations are used when traveling from Boston to Montreal?

Trains from Boston to Montreal have their main departure station at South Station, which is the main train station in Boston. North Station and Back Bay stations are the other major train stations that connect travelers using trains in Boston. A traveler who arrives at North Station and wants to travel to Montreal has to connect to South Station first using the subway, which is a relatively short journey across town. For those arriving at Back Bay, it will take just a few minutes to connect to South Station by train. Trains from Back Bay to South Station leave very frequently. From South Station, every train heading to Montreal from Boston has to connect through Albany-Rensselaer Amtrak Station. The entire trip, including transfers, takes around 14 hours.

Are sleeper trains available for travelers from Boston to Montreal?

If you prefer traveling overnight, you have nothing to worry about because Amtrak offers sleeper trains from Boston to Montreal to cater to such needs. If you are traveling on a train that leaves South Station around 2:15 p.m., you will arrive in Montreal at around 4:26 a.m. the following day, after spending about 14 hours on the train. At this time, most of the sleeper trains to Montreal from Boston are less expensive compared to daytime trains. You can visit the momondo website and check the available overnight trains as well as their ticket prices. However, these prices may change based on demand. You are likely to pay more when traveling over the weekend or during the holidays. Different overnight trains take different durations to arrive in Montreal from Boston, depending on the number of stops they make. Therefore, you have the option of booking a train with a total trip time that offers you greater convenience.

Are pets allowed on Boston to Montreal trains?

For pet lovers, finding a train with a pet-friendly policy can be quite exciting. If you are riding an Amtrak train from Boston to Montreal, you are allowed to travel with a dog or cat. However, the pet policy includes restrictions regarding two major things: the animal’s weight and the duration of travel. The weight of your pet plus its carrier must be no more than 20 lbs (9 kg). Amtrak also recommends that a train journey with pets should not exceed seven hours. Therefore, if before arriving at your destination, one of the several stops between Boston and Montreal takes seven hours or less, then you will be permitted to travel with your pet. Keep in mind that Amtrak charges extra fees for those traveling with their dogs or cats on Boston to Montreal trains. These charges may vary across different trains, but you can find great deals for your train ticket to Montreal from Boston by checking the various trains available on the momondo website.

How far is Boston Logan Intl to Montreal by train?

A train from Boston Logan Intl to Montreal will travel much more than the 249.9 mi distance between them. The actual distance depends on the route taken, and stops along the way.

Popular train routes to Montreal

Most frequently searched train routes to Montreal, along with the cheapest price and shortest travel time.
Trains to Montreal from Toronto
Fastest travel time4h 11m
Cheapest price$81
Trains to Montreal from New York
Fastest travel time11h 23m
Cheapest price$122
Trains to Montreal from Ottawa
Fastest travel time1h 40m
Cheapest price$80
Trains to Montreal from Halifax
Fastest travel time21h 34m
Cheapest price$237

Other train routes from Boston

Find and compare cheap train tickets from Boston to other popular destinations on momondo
Trains from Boston to New York
Fastest travel time3h 30m
Cheapest price$41
Trains from Boston to Washington, D.C.
Fastest travel time6h 29m
Cheapest price$74
Trains from Boston to Philadelphia
Fastest travel time4h 50m
Cheapest price$68
Trains from Boston to Baltimore
Fastest travel time5h 57m
Cheapest price$72
Trains from Boston to Syracuse
Fastest travel time8h 54m
Cheapest price$79
Trains from Boston to Cleveland
Fastest travel time14h 56m
Cheapest price$92
Trains from Boston to Portland
Fastest travel time2h 30m
Cheapest price$50
Trains from Boston to Providence
Fastest travel time0h 32m
Cheapest price$10
Trains from Boston to Charlottesville
Fastest travel time11h 13m
Cheapest price$74
Trains from Boston to Chicago
Fastest travel time22h 15m
Cheapest price$214
Trains from Boston to Wilmington
Fastest travel time5h 20m
Cheapest price$70
Trains from Boston to New Haven
Fastest travel time1h 54m
Cheapest price$30

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