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Popular flight destinations from Tulsa

Most frequently searched flights from Tulsa, along with the cheapest price and shortest flight duration
Tulsa to Atlanta Flights
Fastest flight time1h 48m
Cheapest price$158
Tulsa to Los Angeles Flights
Fastest flight time3h 17m
Cheapest price$165
Tulsa to Mexico City Flights
Fastest flight time5h 20m
Cheapest price$317
Tulsa to Dallas Flights
Fastest flight time1h 20m
Cheapest price$146
Tulsa to Phoenix Flights
Fastest flight time2h 45m
Cheapest price$146
Tulsa to Denver Flights
Fastest flight time1h 47m
Cheapest price$134
Tulsa to Las Vegas Flights
Fastest flight time2h 52m
Cheapest price$73
Tulsa to Austin Flights
Fastest flight time1h 24m
Cheapest price$70
Tulsa to New York Flights
Fastest flight time4h 44m
Cheapest price$193
Tulsa to Chicago Flights
Fastest flight time1h 55m
Cheapest price$184
Tulsa to Houston Flights
Fastest flight time1h 40m
Cheapest price$134
Tulsa to Salt Lake City Flights
Fastest flight time2h 36m
Cheapest price$161
Tulsa to Miami Flights
Fastest flight time3h 05m
Cheapest price$198
Tulsa to Cancún Flights
Fastest flight time5h 03m
Cheapest price$298
Tulsa to Honolulu Flights
Fastest flight time10h 39m
Cheapest price$416
Tulsa to Boston Flights
Fastest flight time5h 08m
Cheapest price$260
Tulsa to Seattle Flights
Fastest flight time6h 14m
Cheapest price$192
Tulsa to San Francisco Flights
Fastest flight time6h 06m
Cheapest price$189
Tulsa to Minneapolis Flights
Fastest flight time1h 58m
Cheapest price$166
Tulsa to Paris Flights
Fastest flight time13h 00m
Cheapest price$581

Frequently asked questions regarding flights from Tulsa

  • Which airlines are currently offering the cheapest flights from Tulsa?

    Our data suggests that currently, the cheapest flights from Tulsa are being offered by Major Airline, American Airlines, and Delta. For example, Major Airline flights from Tulsa to Denver, start at $38, American Airlines flights from Tulsa to Orlando Sanford Intl Airport cost around $48, and Delta flights from Tulsa to Pasco are around $142.

  • What is the cheapest flight available from Tulsa?

    Currently, the cheapest flight from Tulsa found by our users is for $28 to Nashville. Prices will vary according to several factors such as the departure date and time, but on average you can expect to pay around $340 to travel from Tulsa to Nashville.

  • Which destinations have the most frequent flights from Tulsa?

    Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, Houston George Bush Intcntl Airport and Atlanta are currently the destinations served most frequently from Tulsa, with 20, 12 and 10 flights per day on average, respectively.

  • Which airlines can you fly with from Tulsa?

    Airlines including American Airlines, Delta and United Airlines frequently fly from Tulsa. You can view other airlines by performing a quick search in the form above.

  • What is the cheapest first class flight from Tulsa?

    If you are looking for a cheap first class flight, consider flights to Houston, for which the starting price of a first class seat can be as low as $330.