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Popular station

Morgantown Westover Terminal
The most commonly used station in Morgantown is Morgantown Westover Terminal.

Morgantown Bus Station Directory

Location of major bus stations in Morgantown
Morgantown Westover TerminalMorgantown, 39.63223, -79.97676

FAQs for booking bus tickets to Morgantown

What amenities are offered on buses from Morgantown?

Greyhound and Megabus are the main companies that provide long-distance buses from Morgantown. Both buses usually feature a similar suite of amenities. This includes free Wi-Fi during the trip and nearby power outlets that allow your laptop or phone to stay fully charged. The bus seats are comfortable, recline backward, have ample legroom, and include a footrest. Don’t worry about trying to squeeze into a middle seat because middle seats don’t exist on these buses—each passenger either gets an aisle or window seat. If you’re going between cities or states, the bus will stop a few times to allow for stretching and bathroom breaks. That being said, there’s also a clean onboard restroom available on the bus as well. If you’re using a wheelchair, there is a wheelchair lift available to allow safe access on and off the bus. Accessible seating is also available at the front of the bus.

What are the benefits of taking a bus from Morgantown?

Morgantown buses offer a number of benefits over car, ride-share, taxi, and plane travel. For budget-conscious travelers, bus prices are often more affordable than taxis, ride-shares, plane tickets, and the costs associated with driving. Alongside the benefit of cheap bus tickets comes the relaxed feel of being a bus passenger. Rather than paying attention to directions and navigating the traffic, you can recline in your seat and indulge in onboard entertainment options like watching videos, reading books, or letting your mind wander. Bus stations and bus stops are far easier to navigate than airports. Alongside that, the possibility of losing luggage during a plane ride is generally higher than that of a bus ride. Whereas airports tend to be on the outskirts of the city and require another trip to get downtown, bus stations are usually in or near downtown.

How do I get to the bus station in Morgantown?

In Morgantown, the main bus station is known as Mountaineer Station WVU. Other bus stops include Morgantown WVU Brooke Tower and Mountainlair. All three of them are located in the downtown area, with Mountainlair located further south. If you’re staying at a nearby hotel, then all three stops should be within walking distance or a short ride away. Both taxis and ride-shares are available in Morgantown. If you’d prefer taking public transportation, then Mountain Line Transit Authority provides local bus routes that stop at Mountaineer Station WVU and other bus stops. Although it’s best to check routes for specific directions, in general, bus #47 goes to the north, bus #6 (Gold Line) goes west, and bus #7 (Red Line) goes southwest. If you’re driving up north along I-79, then take a right on US-19S and that will take you to the station. If you’re driving south on the US-119, it will run through the downtown area of Morgantown.

What luggage can I bring on a bus from Morgantown?

Greyhound bus tickets allow passengers to travel with up to four bags—one for carry-on and three for under the bus storage. Megabus passengers are allowed one carry-on bag and one piece of stored luggage. Both companies generally accept suitcases, toolboxes, trunks, backpacks, duffel bags, and securely tied card boxes. Bags that won’t be accepted include plastic bags, paper bags and bags with protruding items. Car seats and strollers are fine, either onboard or under the bus. Any specialty items—bikes, skis, and fragile material—should be securely wrapped in styrofoam, bubble-wrap, or placed in a cardboard container. Items allowed onboard include medications, accessibility devices, food and drinks, and accessories. Prohibited items include alcohol, guns, explosives, dangerous chemicals, martial arts items, and hoverboards. If stored under the bus, tools, sporting goods, and some sharp objects are allowed.

What do I need before boarding a bus from Morgantown?

Before you board a bus from Morgantown, you need to make sure that you have a government-issued ID. College IDs and other alternative IDs won’t be accepted by the ticket agents. It’s recommended to contact the bus companies directly if you have further questions. Passengers who are over the age of 17 can travel unaccompanied and unrestricted. However, those between the ages of 12 and 16 need to be accompanied by someone who is at least 17 years. Alternatively, an Unaccompanied Child Form has to be filled out prior to boarding. In both cases, the minor will be charged a full adult fare. The Morgantown bus stations only serve as stops, so no ticket services are provided. As such, it’s best to purchase tickets online. E-tickets can be easily downloaded to your phone and shown to the bus staff before boarding.

How much is a bus ticket to Morgantown?

The average price you’ll pay to travel by bus to Morgantown will be determined by where you’re coming from. If you’re leaving from Pittsburgh, the lowest ticket price is usually about $254.

What is the main bus station in Morgantown?

Most people in Morgantown will arrive at Morgantown Westover Terminal, one of the most accessible stations in the area. A frequently accessed city you can get to by bus from Morgantown Westover Terminal is Pittsburgh.

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