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Maastricht to Liège bus information

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Avg travel time

0h 40m
The average bus ride from Maastricht to Liège is 0h 40m

Maastricht Bus Station Directory

Location of major bus stations in Maastricht
Maastricht StadionpleinMaastricht, 50.8567, 5.716358

Liège Bus Station Directory

Location of major bus stations in Liège
Liège Bd d'AvroyLiège, 50.63373, 5.56749
Liège Place de la CathédraleLiège, 50.64059, 5.5719266

FAQs for booking bus tickets from Maastricht to Liège

What amenities are offered on buses travelling from Maastricht to Liège?

Modern buses from Maastricht to Liège are equipped with air conditioning systems to filter and distribute air inside. While on board the bus, you will find a restroom and hydraulic lift for passengers with reduced mobility. If you need to charge your gadget, check for a plug socket symbol near you or ask the driver to show you one from the many outlets on the bus. Your trip to the Netherlands shouldn’t be boring considering there’s free Wi-Fi at 4G speed. Also, you can sit back in a comfortable reclining seat with an adjustable backrest. No more stiff legs because extra legroom allows you to stretch. For refreshments, get some low-cost drinks and snacks while in a Maastricht to Liège bus.

What luggage can I bring on a bus from Maastricht to Liège?

Buses to Liège from Maastricht are committed to ensuring that passengers have enough space for storing their luggage. However, the allowance for each passenger is limited to a specific weight or volume. You’ll most likely put your hand luggage in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front. Make sure your luggage carry-on meets the size specifications. Confirm the baggage policy details when booking your ticket from Maastricht to Liège to know the size limit of the carry-on and backpack (checked) luggage. Passengers with assistive mobility devices like scooters and collapsed wheelchairs are assisted in securing them at the cargo compartment. Always confirm the size and weight criteria for wheelchairs on the provider’s website. Most bus services allow medical oxygen cylinders, up to several cylinders per person. If you have these, make sure they are well packaged and protected to prevent accidental discharge.

What do I need before boarding a bus from Maastricht to Liège?

First, you must present a valid ticket, whether it’s an m-ticket (sent via SMS and doesn’t need to be printed) or an e-ticket (downloadable on a smartphone). Present either to the driver, and they will scan it to let you board the bus. When travelling with FlixBus, you must show a valid photo ID during ticket checks to prove your identity. This can be a Dutch passport, Belgian identity card, or another formal ID. Since Belgium and the Netherlands are within the border-free Schengen area, you don’t need a visa to travel by bus to Liège from Maastricht. There will be no passport checks when crossing the border. So, your photographic ID is only for ticket checks at the bus station. You might also need it if stopped by the police.

What bus stations do you depart from and arrive at when travelling from Maastricht to Liège?

Maastricht has several bus stations where you can begin your journey to Liège. Maastricht Central Station, Meerssenerweg International Bus Station, and Maastricht Station are conveniently located in the city center. If you depart from one of these points, you will likely arrive at Gare des Guillemins or Liège Bus Station. FlixBus trips usually start from Maastricht Station and end in Gare des Guillemins, next to the railway station. While at Guillemins district, the TEC bus or SNCB train will make it easier to get to the city center within minutes.

Can I bring a pet on board the bus from Maastricht to Liège?

Travelling with animals is restricted to passengers with limited mobility or disabilities. This means you cannot bring a regular pet. But you’re welcome to board most buses to Liège from Maastricht together with your ADA-approved service dog. A service animal has been trained to assist a person with a disability. So it has to accompany the owner at all times. However, PTSD dogs and emotional support dogs may not be allowed in the bus, whether in the baggage compartment or kennels. You will be asked to produce a certificate for the specific training your dog has received. If you intend to travel with a service animal, give prior notice so the bus service can make the necessary adjustments. You will not be charged for an extra seat, and your dog must stay with you at your feet or on your lap throughout the journey.

How long is the bus ride from Maastricht/Aachen to Liège Bierset?

Arrive at your destination quickly by taking a 0h 40m bus from Maastricht/Aachen to Liège Bierset.

How far is Maastricht/Aachen to Liège Bierset by bus?

The distance between Maastricht/Aachen and Liège Bierset is about 15.6 mi in a straight line. The bus journey is around 0h 40m long.

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