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momondo users who have stayed at hostels in Maastricht have rated them, on average, a 8.5 out of 10. Hostels are typically rated higher than 2-star(8.2) and 4-star(8.2) hotels in Maastricht. Those looking for a comfortable stay for cheap in Maastricht should consider staying at a hostel instead of a 2-star(8.2) or 4-star(8.2) hotel.

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The Green Elephant Hostel & Spa

The Green Elephant Hostel & Spa

Sint Maartenslaan St. Maartenslaan 11



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How much do hostels in Maastricht cost?

Nightly rates on hostels in Maastricht are usually around $62 with the cheapest nightly rate being $24. Those looking to stay at a Maastricht hostel for a week or a month should anticipate paying $493/week or $2,193/month, on average.

What is the average length of a stay in a Maastricht hostel?

Hostels are a popular option for momondo users visiting Maastricht. The average length of a stay at a Maastricht hostel is 2 days. Those looking to stay at a hostel in Maastricht for 2 days should expect to pay $124 for the accommodations.

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Designhotel Maastricht

Designhotel Maastricht

Stationsstraat 40, Maastricht, Limburg



Bastion Hotel Maastricht Centrum

Bastion Hotel Maastricht Centrum

Boschstraat 27, Maastricht, Limburg