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The price shown for each trip will be the average for all passengers, including any infants.
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The price shown for each trip will be the average for all passengers, including any infants.
The price shown for each trip will be the average for all passengers, including any infants.
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Avg travel time

5h 30m
The average bus ride from Zaragoza to Santander is 5h 30m

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On a typical day, the number of regular buses traveling from Zaragoza to Santander is six. However, the number varies depending on holidays, functions, special occasions, and time of the year. The first bus departs at around 3:20 am and arrives at Santander at around 11:40 am. The last bus leaves at around 10:00 am and arrives at around 6:35 pm. Zaragoza to Santander is quite a journey, and buses rarely travel at night. The fastest direct bus can take 5 h 45mins to cover the distance of 195 miles. However, the longest trip may take you up to 10 hours depending on the number of connections, layovers, or route used. The main bus providers to Santander from Zaragoza are BlaBlaCar, and ALSA.

When traveling from Zaragoza to Santander by bus, you can depart from the Zaragoza Bus terminal or the Zaragoza-Delicias bus station. Check your departure station before you get in a taxi or bus. Both bus stations have kiosks, snacks, a lounge, toilets, and cafes. The stations are nearby from the city. You can connect from the metropolitan area to the bus stations using a taxi or a city bus. It will only take you 15 minutes to the station(s). The buses arrive at the Santander bus terminal. However, the bus will stop you off at Calle Camarreal-Ojaiz, Av. de los Castros 43A, Av. de Pontejos or Aeropuerto Santande depending on where you wish to go. You can take a walk to the city center from the bus terminal; it takes 7 min. You can also opt for a city bus or a taxi if you have baggage or traveling with a child. The station has toilets, restaurants, and a waiting area.

There are numerous cities located between Zaragoza and Santander. Each town you pass through has different terrain, natural resources, and city design, making the journey scenic and colorful. If you have your cameras with you, you will probably capture the best photos in your gallery. Bilbao is one of the cities you will pass through after a 3-hour ride. It is a beautiful city situated at the center of the Basque Mountains. The city rests on an estuary to the Atlantic Ocean. You will also see the Artxanda hill as you pass through the city. Also, you pass through Laguardia, a city on a hill surrounded by an ancient wall built by King Sancho. Other cities on the route include Haro, Getxo, and Vitoria-Gasteiz.

When traveling by Alsa Supra bus, you will likely have the best travel experience because the buses have provided extra entertainment. Each seat has an individual touch screen; you may think you are in a plane. They also provide Wi-Fi for free to customers on board. You can also listen to your favorite radio station. So despite the long-distance travel, your six-hour journey will feel like a one-hour ride. BlaBlaBus also has free Wi-Fi, USB plugs, air conditioning, and onboard toilets.

Traveling to Santander from Zaragoza is a long drive; expect that the bus will stop at some point. Your bus may stop at one of the following stops; Calle Camarreal-Ojaiz, Calle Navas de Tolosa, Av. de los Castros 43A, Aeropuerto Santander, or Av. de Pontejos. You can check with momondo when purchasing a ticket for possible stops on your journey. Also, be quick to get back to the car when the bus stops; you don’t want to be left on the ground when the bus leaves.

5h 30m is the fastest available option for travel to Santander from Zaragoza by bus.

The straight-line distance from Zaragoza to Santander is 194.3 mi. The actual distance by bus will change based on the roads and any traffic, closures, roadwork or tolls that may impact the driver’s route. 5h 30m by bus is normal for this route.

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