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Kalamazoo is one of the most popular stations in Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo Train Station Directory

Location of major train stations in Kalamazoo
Kalamazoo WK Kellogg RegionalKalamazoo, 42.30726, -85.25083000000001
KalamazooKalamazoo, 42.295254, -85.584015
Kalamazoo Battle CreekKalamazoo, 42.318455, -85.18783

FAQs for booking trains to Kalamazoo

What services are available at the popular train stations in Kalamazoo?

The most popular station for trains to Kalamazoo is the Kalamazoo Train Station, also called the Kalamazoo Transportation Center. This transportation hub serves long-distance Kalamazoo trains, intercity buses, and the local Kalamazoo buses. Most services and amenities are inside the waiting room, which is open daily from early morning to late evening. If you’d like to purchase Kalamazoo train tickets or tickets to other destinations, then the ticket office inside the waiting room can help you with that. If you’d prefer to do that yourself, then there is a Quik-Trak kiosk adjacent to the ticket office. There is an ATM available for those who need to take out some cash. If you need to freshen up a bit, clean public restrooms are available. Since Wi-Fi is not available at this station, the station staff can answer important questions regarding transportation. For passengers who need carry-on baggage assistance, that can be provided by the station staff. Just outside the train station are same-day and overnight parking options.

How to get to downtown Kalamazoo from Kalamazoo Train Station?

Passengers on trains to Kalamazoo will most likely arrive at Kalamazoo Train Station. This station is already located in the downtown area of Kalamazoo, so those getting off Kalamazoo trains are only a short walk away from a wide variety of restaurants, bars, hotels, parks, and shopping centers. If you prefer public transport, then you’re in luck because the train station is also a major stop for fixed-route buses around Kalamazoo. Although it’s advisable to consult a bus map before planning your route, in general, most downtown destinations are nearby and affordable. Tickets can be purchased at the train station itself or through a special app, and range from single-use tickets to nine-day passes to month-long passes. Another option is to take a carpool or vanpool with other passengers who are going in the same direction. If you’d prefer private options, then taxi services and ride-sharing apps are available as well.

Does Kalamazoo Train Station have services for passengers with reduced mobility?

The Kalamazoo Train Station does have services and amenities for passengers with reduced mobility. Platforms to and from the train lines are accessible, and there is a wheelchair lift as well. Although there is no accessible ticketing office, the staff are accommodating and you may also purchase Kalamazoo train tickets from the self-service Quik-Trak kiosks. The waiting room is wide and spacious with no significant barriers to movement. Although there aren’t specifically designed accessible bathrooms, the other restrooms are clean and have a wide space big enough for a wheelchair. Accessible overnight and same-day parking are available for a fee. If you need further assistance, the general operating hours of the Kalamazoo Train Station are from early morning to late evening.

Is there food available at Kalamazoo Train Station?

If you’ve just arrived from one of the Kalamazoo trains and are looking for a snack that’s not too heavy, then there is a vending machine available. If you’re looking for something a bit more filling, there is also a small concession stand. Both of these food options can be found inside the waiting room, which is open daily from early morning to late evening. If you have a bit more time to spare, then consider walking across the street where you will find a fast-food restaurant. Further downtown but still within walking distance, there is a wider variety of restaurants, ranging from pizza to sushi to burgers.

How much is a train ticket to Kalamazoo Intl?

The ticket price can vary depending on general demand and more importantly where you’re coming from. If you’re leaving from a popular departure point like Chicago for instance, prices usually start around $56. Detroit and Flint are other options, with prices usually starting from around $68 and $56 respectively.

What is the main train station in Kalamazoo Intl?

You’ll find most people utilize Kalamazoo in Kalamazoo Intl. It’s one of the busiest and most populated stations in the area. Some common major cities you can get to by train from Kalamazoo are Chicago, Detroit, and Flint.

How far is the center of Kalamazoo Intl from Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and Kalamazoo WK Kellogg Regional stations?

The distance to the center of Kalamazoo Intl from either Kalamazoo station, Battle Creek station, or Kalamazoo WK Kellogg Regional station is 4.5 mi, 19.5 mi, and 16.2 mi, respectively.

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