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Below are the average prices for hotels in popular Sousse cities
$27 - $54
CHEAPEST CITY IN SOUSSE Sousse 28% cheaper Hotels in Sousse are the cheapest in Sousse at just $26 per night on average.
MOST EXPENSIVE CITY IN SOUSSE Hammam Sousse 45% more expensive Hammam Sousse has the highest priced hotels in Sousse with rooms averaging $53 per night.
MOST POPULAR CITY IN SOUSSE Sousse 60% more users visited More momondo users search for hotels in Sousse than any other city in Sousse

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Sahara Beach Aquapark
Sahara Beach Aquapark
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Le Monaco Hôtel & Thalasso
Le Monaco Hôtel & Thalasso
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Sousse Palace Hotel & Spa
Sousse Palace Hotel & Spa
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Marhaba Palace
Marhaba Palace
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Things to do in Sousse

Sousse Beach
Stade Olympique
Port El Kantaoui Beach

Are there hotels available near Sousse Beach?

Those looking for a hotel near Sousse Beach should expect to pay $52/night at any of the 12 hotels in the area. During the most popular month of October (peak season), hotels near Sousse Beach cost $68/night while they cost $183/night in August, which is considered to be the low season for Sousse Beach. Hotels near Sousse Beach are typically 152% lower than the average hotel in Sousse, which is $79.

Hotels near Sousse Beach

What should I expect to pay for a hotel room near Stade Olympique?

If you’re looking for a hotel in Sousse near Stade Olympique then you are in luck! There are 12 hotels in the area. On average these hotels cost $52/night, but this price varies based on time of year. During the peak season at Stade Olympique (October), you can expect prices of $68/night and during the low season (August), the average price is $183/night. Hotels near Stade Olympique are typically 152% lower than the average hotel in Sousse, which is $79.

Hotels near Stade Olympique

How much do hotels cost near Port El Kantaoui Beach?

The average price of the 12 hotels near Port El Kantaoui Beach is $51 per night. Since Port El Kantaoui Beach is more popular during certain months of the year than others, the prices may vary depending on when you plan your trip. In a typical year, Port El Kantaoui Beach is most popular during October and least popular during August. These are known as peak seasons and low seasons. The nightly rate for hotels near Port El Kantaoui Beach during peak seasons is $68 and in low seasons is $183. Hotels near Port El Kantaoui Beach are typically 157% lower than the average hotel in Sousse, which is $79.

Hotels near Port El Kantaoui Beach

Popular hotels in Sousse

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Hotels in Port El-Kantaoui
Search hotel deals in Port El-Kantaoui

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What is the most popular destination in Sousse?

Sousse is the most commonly searched city in Sousse by momondo users. Prices for hotels in Sousse are typically $79/night. Other popular cities in Sousse include Port El-Kantaoui($66/night) and Hammam Sousse($114/night).

What is considered a good deal for a hotel in Sousse?

Recently, a momondo user found a hotel deal for $4/night in Sousse, which is a great deal. Generally speaking, we would consider a good deal for our users to be any price lower than the average hotel price in Sousse, which is $74/night.

What are the best hotels in Sousse?

Barceló Concorde Green Park Palace, located in Port El-Kantaoui, is the top-rated hotel in Sousse with a rating of 93. The next best rating is a 90 which was given to Hotel Kaiser by momondo users. The third-highest rated hotel is Hasdrubal Thalassa Port El Kantaoui, which was rated a 85 by momondo users familiar with the hotel.