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$88 - $88
CHEAPEST CITY IN GUINEA-BISSAU Bissau 0% cheaper Hotels in Bissau are the cheapest in Guinea-Bissau at just $88 per night on average.
MOST EXPENSIVE CITY IN GUINEA-BISSAU Bissau 0% more expensive Bissau has the highest priced hotels in Guinea-Bissau with rooms averaging $88 per night.
MOST POPULAR CITY IN GUINEA-BISSAU Bissau 0% more users visited More momondo users search for hotels in Bissau than any other city in Guinea-Bissau

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When is the least expensive time to stay in Guinea-Bissau?

The least expensive month to stay at a hotel in Guinea-Bissau is January. On average, it only costs $105 per night in the month of January. Conversely, the most expensive month to visit Guinea-Bissau is March.

Where do most people stay in Guinea-Bissau?

There is little doubt that travelers enjoy various cities in Guinea-Bissau, but the majority of travelers who visit Guinea-Bissau tend to spend the most time in Bissau.

Which city in Guinea-Bissau has the most expensive hotel rooms?

Bissau is the most expensive city in Guinea-Bissau to book a hotel room in. The nightly rate of $88 is 0% more than the average city in Guinea-Bissau.

Which city in Guinea-Bissau has the least expensive hotel rooms?

If you are traveling to Guinea-Bissau on a budget, plan to stay in Bissau which boasts the lowest average hotel room cost in the country. Charging about 0% lower than the country’s average, hotel room rates in Bissau are typically around $68 per night.

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