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Travel roulette: 6 weeks, 6 destinations, for less than $250

A year ago Jessica quit her day job in Colorado, and decided she wanted to be the first truly globetrotting woman. Jessica documents her travels for those of you still at your work desk in her blog, How Dare She. Jessica is not only aspiring to be the first gal to check every country off of the “been there, done that” list, she also accepts dares from her readers in each place she visits. Talk about saying yes! Already featured in publications like Huffington Post and Elite Daily, the ever-curious Jessica is still adding stamps to her passport.

momondo dared her…

With the support of momondo, we challenged Jessica to take a leap and use our flexible Anywhere Search to kick start the next portion of her adventure. Since she likes dares so much, we dared Jessica to play a game of travel roulette with us. She used our Anywhere Search to find cheap flights for under $100 then left her next destinations to chance by spinning a digital roulette wheel with all of the potential countries. At the end of the game she had her next 6 destinations, and it cost less than $250 for all the flights combined.

See the bright start to Jessica’s momondo sponsored roulette game and submit dares for a chance to win a Kindle Fire 7″…

Jessica proved that when you stay curious and dare to say yes, you can travel all over on a budget. You can try yourself, just put in your nearest airport, choose “Take me anywhere” and find a destination within your budget. Her six week trip will take the daring world-trekker to meet with friendly locals from places such as Romania, Bulgaria and Germany.

Now it’s your turn to dare her…

Each week Jessica will be accepting dares, and that’s where you come in. Submit dares to her website that challenge Jessica to: Say Yes, Stay Curious, Care to Share, Talk to Strangers, and Lower Your Guard. Each dare you submit will give you a chance to win a Kindle Fire 7″.

Follow Jessica’s adventure and submit dares for your chance to win. Still curious? Read more about becoming a full time traveler and check out more about Anywhere Search
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