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Where in the world are my Facebook Friends? Find them with momondo Friend Compass!

We’ve added an awesome new feature to our free mobile flight app on iPhone and Android! It’s called Friend Compass.

What is Friend Compass?

Facebook is great for keeping in touch with friends and family living in faraway places. But it’s no substitute for seeing them in person. Friend Compass shows you…

  1. Where around the world your Facebook friends are currently living…
  2. Which directions their hometowns are relative to your current location…
  3. And how much it would cost to go fly to visit them!

Friend Compass is all about giving you ideas for where to go on your next trip. And because it’s a part of the momondo mobile flight search app, it only takes a few taps to find your next cheap flight.

Tell me more…

The app turns your phone into a real working compass (the GPS technology inside makes this possible). Where a regular compass or GPS system just gives you coordinates, Friend Compass plots the names of your Facebook friends in the directions they live around the world. You get the coordinates too. Hold your cell/compass in one direction and you might see it costs around $300 to fly to New York to visit your friend Jack. Spin round a little so it’s pointing towards Sophie in Australia and you’ll find a flight to Sydney that’s around $1,600.

That’s pretty cool. What else does it do?

One of the most fun and inspiring features of the Friend Compass is the location facts it reveals about your friends. It tells you who of your friends…

  • lives in the hottest destination
  • lives in the coldest destination
  • the farthest away
  • is cheapest to visit by plane
  • is most expensive to visit by plane

Just hit the star button to see the list.

Are there any other features?

You can setup Friend Compass to find your friends ‘nationally’, ‘regionally’ or ‘globally’. Switching to City View reveals the directions the world’s top destinations are relative to your current position. Switch to City View by hitting the ‘place marker’ button. You can return to Friends View by hitting the same button (now with a ‘friends’ icon). You can also toggle Price, Distance and Weather in your search. Just hit the ‘options’ button (three horizontal lines stacked on one another). To close the options panel, simply drag it down. You can also search your Facebook friends by name. Hit the ‘spyglass’ icon.

Where can I get Friend Compass?

Friend Compass is a fully integrated feature of the FREE momondo flight search app. Get it from the App Store for iPhone or from Google Play for Android.

How do I use Friend Compass?

Simply launch the momondo mobile app and select Friend Compass on the home screen. The first time you start Friend Compass the app will ask to connect with your Facebook profile. If you accept, you will be able to have the full Friend Compass experience. If you choose not to give the app access to your Facebook you can use Friend Compass in City View mode.

Does Friend Compass affect the rest of the momondo mobile app?

In a word ‒ no. You can still do standard flight and hotel searches on the app. Friend Compass is an additional inspirational feature, which is always available should you choose to use it.

How much does Friend Compass cost?

It’s FREE. The momondo flight and hotel search app is free to download and free to use. You can search and compare millions of cheap flights and hotel rooms for destinations worldwide. It’s all about having momondo’s free, independent and transparent travel search on your phone. Use it to book flights and hotels rooms directly with airlines and travel agencies on the go, anytime, anywhere, with just a few taps.

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