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Frommer’s deems momondo best airfare search site for 2024

Travel expert site Frommer’s just released its latest Best Airfare Search Site for 2024, and we were quite chuffed to see that momondo landed the coveted Nr. 1 spot. We’ve been working hard over the past couple of years to make our travel search and comparison site even more informative, inspirational and easy to use for booking cheap flights, so the recognition was well appreciated.

Our winning tactic? A one-two punch of reliably sourcing low flight prices and then helping travellers filter down those options until they find the best one for their needs. All packaged up in an intuitive user interface design that Frommer’s remarked is easy on the eyes.

Strongest in meta (aka digging up the best prices)

After putting 15 travel search sites through the wringer and testing search results on 32 varying flight scenarios, Frommer’s reported that momondo had outperformed the others in securing the lowest or second-lowest prices.

That’s because we have 1,000+ airline provider partners around the globe, from OTAs (online travel agents) to airlines to other travel search sites like ourselves. So when a traveller starts a flight search, our powerful search engine scours and gathers all the relevant options from these sites and presents them by quickest, cheapest and best (the best quickest/cheapest combos).

‘momondo has by far the most complete set of filters in the business.’

This year, Frommer’s had a strong focus on the search sites’ filter sets. They noticed when a site’s filters were unique, varied and plentiful. And they noticed when a site’s lack of filters limited the user from zooming in on a flight that matched their requirements.

Frommer’s gave big points for momondo’s set of powerful and practical filters. And yes, we’ll admit that we’re super proud of them too. While some of the competitors in this ranking only offer three to eight filters according to Frommer’s, our 14 filters give fliers the ability to quickly whittle down their options according to their priorities.

Want to avoid layovers of more than two hours, have wi-fi, depart specifically from Stansted and fly on Lufthansa? If that flight exists for that route, we’re sure to find it for you. You can even choose the site you want to book it from - or exclude any unsavory sites you want to avoid using.

‘The one filter that sets momondo apart…’

Frommer’s also gave an extra star for our Fee Assistant filter. This one is especially relevant these days, when many airlines have started making travellers pay even for carry-on bags. With the filter, you can add the number of carry-on and checked bags you’ll bring and any extra fees will be included in your total price - no hidden surprises just when you’re about to book.

Convenient onsite booking

A newer feature that Frommer’s took notice of is our ‘Instant Book’ functionality. This filter, displayed as a lightning bolt, lets you make your flight booking directly on our site. After clicking on a flight that has the ‘Instant Book’ option, you’ll be led straight to a checkout page on momondo to complete your booking faster.

‘momondo’s results screen is one of the most complete in the business.’

Frommer’s is a big fan of useful data and insights that drive travellers to find the best prices available. So they gave a shout out to our results page, which is chock full of data goodies to help travellers book their perfect flight.

Right off the bat, the bar graph at the top gives an immediate indicator of whether the departure and return dates you chose are the cheapest, or whether you could save some money by choosing dates a bit earlier or later.

‘momondo helpfully indicates each booking agent’s average customer rating.’

Flight provider credibility is another big issue that many travellers struggle with. What if the provider charges too much or is hard to get a hold of if something goes wrong? Frommer’s is well aware of this pet peeve and pointed out the rating scores next to each provider on our site as a way to tell who you can trust with your booking.

We provide these scores according to how well each provider adheres to our provider guidelines. If a provider consistently shows what’s included in their prices, gives us the most up-to-date prices possible, maintains good customer service, etc, they’ll get a high score. This makes it easier for users to go with someone that will give them a great travel experience.

‘It’s like having an expert travel agent right there.’

Frommer’s also appreciated some of our other features, including our color-coded Price Calendar that shows you the cheapest, average and more expensive departure and return dates for your destination before you even hit ‘Search’.

And our ‘Flight Insights’ tool really lets you satisfy your inner data analyst. It gives lots of insights on how to score the cheapest ticket for your flight route - everything from revealing which month and day of the week to fly, to how far ahead to book. Armed with this cornucopia of data, travellers have the best chances to get the best prices.

One last thing…

Frommer’s did miss one thing that we’re especially proud of. In routes where trains and buses are an attractive alternative to flights or can be combined with flights, we include those in our search results. So you can compare other means of transportation that can save you even more if you’re willing to take a bit longer to get there. But hey, the journey is part of the experience.

‘This year, momondo is the #1 place for airfares on the internet.’

Thanks for the accolades Frommer’s! If you’re chomping at the bit to start finding your cheap flight now, just start a search.

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