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Firefly Estate

What should I expect to pay for a hotel room near Firefly Estate?

There are 9 hotels near Firefly Estate that have an average price of $304 per night. Hotel prices may shift based on several factors such as time of year. The peak season for this area is September and the peak season price for hotels in the area of Firefly Estate is $150/night. The low season in this area is November and hotel prices usually cost about $48/night. Hotels near Firefly Estate are typically 149% higher than the average hotel in Port Maria, which is $205.

Hotels near Firefly Estate
  • Sunrise Villa Guest House
    Best value

    Sunrise Villa Guest House

    Tower Isle



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  • The Palms At Oracabessa Luxury Vacation Rental Fully Staffed
    #1 Most popular

    The Palms At Oracabessa Luxury Vacation Rental Fully Staffed




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  • Goldeneye
    #2 Most popular


    Oracabessa Bay, Oracabessa



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  • Grande Haven
    #3 Most popular

    Grande Haven



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  • Moxons Beach Club Boutique Hotel
    #4 Most popular

    Moxons Beach Club Boutique Hotel

    P.O. Box 4224, Boscobel



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  • Strawberry Fields Together
    #5 Most popular

    Strawberry Fields Together




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  • Whispering Seas

    Whispering Seas

    Tower Isle


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  • The Orchids

    The Orchids




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  • Hunter's Rest Villa

    Hunter's Rest Villa

    Lot 5 Spring Valley, Tower Isle


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  • Hillside ocean view guest house
    Best value

    Hillside ocean view guest house

    Lot 4tower isle, Saint Mary

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What is the most popular destination in Saint Mary?

Oracabessa is the most commonly searched city in Saint Mary by momondo users. Prices for hotels in Oracabessa are typically $375/night. Other popular cities in Saint Mary include Saint Mary($271/night) and Boscobel($250/night).

What is considered a good deal for a hotel in Saint Mary?

Recently, a momondo user found a hotel deal for $21/night in Saint Mary, which is a great deal. Generally speaking, we would consider a good deal for our users to be any price lower than the average hotel price in Saint Mary, which is $264/night.