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Popular cities in Iwate Prefecture

Below are the average prices for hotels in popular Iwate Prefecture cities
$70 - $124
CHEAPEST CITY IN IWATE PREFECTURE Morioka 28% cheaper Hotels in Morioka are the cheapest in Iwate Prefecture at just $70 per night on average.
MOST EXPENSIVE CITY IN IWATE PREFECTURE Hanamaki 28% more expensive Hanamaki has the highest priced hotels in Iwate Prefecture with rooms averaging $124 per night.
MOST POPULAR CITY IN IWATE PREFECTURE Morioka 35% more users visited More momondo users search for hotels in Morioka than any other city in Iwate Prefecture

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Takadachi Gikeido

What should I expect to pay for a hotel room near Takadachi Gikeido?

There are 12 hotels near Takadachi Gikeido that have an average price of $91 per night. Hotel prices may shift based on several factors such as time of year. The peak season for this area is February and the peak season price for hotels in the area of Takadachi Gikeido is $190/night. The low season in this area is December and hotel prices usually cost about $108/night. Hotels near Takadachi Gikeido are typically 165% lower than the average hotel in Hiraizumi, which is $149.

Hotels near Takadachi Gikeido
  • Chisun Inn Iwate Ichinoseki Ic
    Best value

    Chisun Inn Iwate Ichinoseki Ic

    188 2 Tsukimachi Akoogi Aza, Ichinoseki



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  • Hiraizumi Hot Spring Ryokan Soba'an Shizukatei
    #1 Most popular

    Hiraizumi Hot Spring Ryokan Soba'an Shizukatei

    10-5 Nagakura, Hiraizumi, Hiraizumi



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  • Hiraizumi Hotel Musashibou
    #2 Most popular

    Hiraizumi Hotel Musashibou

    15 Osawa, Hiraizumi, Hiraizumi



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  • Minpaku Suzuki
    #3 Most popular

    Minpaku Suzuki




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  • Hotel Route-Inn Ichinoseki Inter
    #4 Most popular

    Hotel Route-Inn Ichinoseki Inter

    33-1 Tsurumaki, Ichinoseki



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  • Hotel Sunroute Ichinoseki
    #5 Most popular

    Hotel Sunroute Ichinoseki

    2-37 Kamiotsukikoji, Ichinoseki



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  • Atto Business Hotel Ichinoseki

    Atto Business Hotel Ichinoseki

    Sannoseki Sakuramachi 73-1, Ichinoseki



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  • Kajiya Bekkan Ramakkoro Yamenekoyado

    Kajiya Bekkan Ramakkoro Yamenekoyado

    42 Higashiyamacho Nagasaka, Ichinoseki



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  • Bellino Hotel Ichinoseki

    Bellino Hotel Ichinoseki

    179 Santanda Yamanome, Ichinoseki



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  • atto hotel

    atto hotel

    3-1 Kami-Ootsukikoji, Ichinoseki


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  • Matsurube Onsen Kamikura

    Matsurube Onsen Kamikura

    32 Matsurube Genbicho, Ichinoseki



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  • Sannozan Hot Spring Resort Zuisenkyo

    Sannozan Hot Spring Resort Zuisenkyo

    65-2 Sagarimatsu, Genbi-cho, Ichinoseki



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Popular hotels in Iwate Prefecture

Book a room in one of momondo’s favorite hotels in these popular Iwate Prefecture cities
  • Unizo Inn Express Morioka
    Best value

    Unizo Inn Express Morioka

    2-10-25 Moriokaekinishidori, Morioka



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  • Hotel Pearl City Morioka
    #1 Most popular

    Hotel Pearl City Morioka

    3-7-19 Odori, Morioka



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  • Hotel Royal Morioka
    #2 Most popular

    Hotel Royal Morioka

    Saien 1-11-11, Morioka



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  • Art Hotel Morioka
    #3 Most popular

    Art Hotel Morioka

    3-3-18 Odouri, Morioka



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  • Hotel New Carina
    #4 Most popular

    Hotel New Carina

    2-6-1 Saien, Morioka



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  • Toyoko Inn Morioka Ekimae
    #5 Most popular

    Toyoko Inn Morioka Ekimae

    Moriokaekimae-Dori 14-5, Morioka



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  • R&B Hotel Morioka Ekimae

    R&B Hotel Morioka Ekimae

    9-4 Morioka-Ekimaedori, Morioka



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  • Yu No Mori Hotel Shidotaira
    Best value

    Yu No Mori Hotel Shidotaira

    27-1 Shidotaira, Yuguchi, Hanamaki



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Iwate Prefecture travel tips

Check these FAQs for important travel tips while planning your visit to Iwate Prefecture

What is the most popular destination in Iwate Prefecture?

The most popular cities in Iwate Prefecture are Morioka, Hanamaki, and Miyako. Nightly rates for hotels in Morioka, Hanamaki and Miyako are $113, $262, and $236 respectfully.

What is considered a good deal for a hotel in Iwate Prefecture?

Seeing as the average price for a hotel in Iwate Prefecture in $111/night, a good deal for a nightly rate on a hotel room would be anything under $111/night. If you’re looking for a cheap destination to visit in Iwate Prefecture, we would recommend Miyako, as it is generally the cheapest city to stay in.

What are the best hotels in Iwate Prefecture?

Looking at our users' ratings, the best hotels in Iwate Prefecture are Art Hotel Morioka(84), located in Morioka, Yu No Mori Hotel Shidotaira(82), located in Hanamaki, and Hotel Royal Morioka(81), located in Morioka.

Hotel deals Asia Japan Iwate Prefecture