Winner – Chasing the Northern Lights competition

We have a winner for our Chasing the Northern Lights competition!

We had well over 100,000 entries from countries all around the world. Entrants were asked to provide an answer to the question:

‘You’ve just landed in Iceland. What’s the first thing you’d do? (Be creative!)’

An international panel of travel experts picked Caitlin Guthridge from Virginia, USA as the overall winner. Out of the many thousands of eligible entries, Caitlin’s stood out as the most creative and astute reply:

‘I would immediately call up Björk (we are definitely childhood friends) and she would give me a tour of the Game of Thrones set, where we just happen to run into George R. R. Martin, who is taking a stroll to get his creative juices flowing.

Together we take an Icelandic picnic lunch to the coast. Wrapped in furs, we break bread and watch a majestic whale migration from on high. As the sun sets, the northern lights appear!

Georgie (he insisted I call him by his nickname) and I get in to a heated argument about whether or not the Icelandic sky has been colored by CGI. A quick Google search by Björk confirms I was right in that Iceland would NEVER allow such a thing, and to restore our friendship Georgie lets me choose the final ending to his series. “That’s exactly what I would have chosen!” Björk exclaims.

We braid friendship bracelets from tree bark, wild grasses, and Björk Magic, as Georgie gets writing.

After a few meditative hours doing art projects in the Icelandic wilderness, we get ready for bed and Björk sings us a lullaby as we fall asleep under the aurora.’

Our lucky winner has won return flights and hotel accommodation for 2 to Iceland. Enjoy!

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