Ever wondered which nationality you travel like the most? You might think you travel exactly like your country fellows, or maybe you actually have more in common with other nationalities around the world, who knows? Based on data collected from momondo’s 2017 International Travel Survey,* we’ve created a quiz to help you find out exactly which country fits your travel persona.

We’ll ask you things like which type of destination you prefer to visit, what you like to do during your vacation and how you usually spend all your money – to uncover your true travel alter-ego. As an added bonus, we’ll tell you where you should go next according to your results. The next destination you should go to is based on each country’s most trending destination for 2017.** So which country do you think you have the most in common with? Find out by taking the quiz below.

Which country did you get? Start planning your next vacation  and find flights to your latest adventure based on your results
*momondo’s 2017 International Travel Survey surveyed 24,700 people from 23 different countries about their travel habits. momondo has performed the global travel survey every year since 2014
**Most trending destination is determined as the city with the highest percentage increase of searches on its local momondo domain from 2016 to 2017