Tie the knot with your vacation fling

Turns out most of us are open to a little romance abroad, and quite often that fling grows into wedded bliss.

If you’re looking for a vacation romance, then tune in your love radar for a Norwegian. 33% of Norwegians admit to spicing up their vacation with a love affair, followed by Italians at 32% and Russians at 31%. Chances of hooking up are significantly smaller if you bump into Americans. In the US, only 18% claim such ‘romantic souvenirs’.

24% report an increased sexual appetite

Not surprisingly, our love hormones thrive when we’re on vacation. We’re more relaxed and we lower our guard, which makes us more receptive to other people. 67% of Norwegians feel happier when they’re away, and among the British, 24% say they feel more social. Our sex drive also prospers under foreign skies – at least that’s what 24% of Russians and Norwegians report.

From vacation fling to everlasting love

You may be surprised to learn that vacation romances don’t always wear off once you return back home. In fact, a lot of people wind up tying the knot with their fling. In Spain, a whopping 20% of vacation romances develop into marriage, and among Dutch and Italians, an impressive 18% have said ‘I do’.

Norwegians and Russians just want to have fun

If you’re hoping to get married, don’t set your heart on a Norwegian – or a Russian for that matter. Their libido and appetite for romance may peak when they’re vacationing, but once they get back home, the love bug wears off. In fact, only 7% of Norwegians and Russians wind up marrying their fling.

About the study

The data was collected through an e-survey by Research Now’s panel during the period 9-19 January 2014. 12,000 people in 12 different countries aged between 18-65 years were questioned, split evenly by gender, age, education-level and region. The survey was conducted among consumers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, England, Russia and the US.

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