Tasting Paris: the best food spots around Bastille

Paris’ Bastille neighborhood is reputed for its cultural diversity and historical importance. Add to that a pinch of Parisian gastronomic notoriety and you’ve got a fresh serving of restaurants and cafés cooking a delicious storm of modern French cuisine or influences from abroad. Pay a visit to these places the next time you’re in Paris. We promise your taste-buds will be saying “merci beaucoup”.

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Café Chilango

A table full of delicious Café Chilango tacos

Eating with your fingers is allowed (and recommended) at Café Chilango

Step into Café Chilango and walk into a small slice of Mexico colloquially known as Chilangolandia. This café and bar, decorated in papel picado (colored paper cut-outs), aged wood, and colorful tiles, displays on its chalkboard menu a combination of Mexican classics at reasonable prices given its central location.

Have a seat at the bar of the open kitchen and dip into some guacamole as you watch your tacos being prepared by the chef. Feast on a triple threat of pollo mole (chicken in spices and chocolate), al pastor (marinated pork), and nopal (cactus) tacos.

A handful of well-crafted cocktails – often tequila- or mezcal-based – feature on the menu, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in the midst of a full-blown party on a Saturday night.

Where: 82 Rue de la Folie-Méricourt, 11th arr.
Tel: +33 1 47 00 78 95
Nearest station: Parmentier

Les Niçois

Like a ray of sunshine in a plate at Les Niçois

Like a ray of sunshine in a plate at Les Niçois

Longing for the South of France? Here you can have the French Riviera on your plate. The menu consists of several Mediterranean specialties and small dishes, like the traditional Pan-Bagnat sandwich, overflowing with sun-kissed veggies, or the fresh catch of the day.

Named after the inhabitants of the city of Nice, Les Niçois’ cozy lighting, mismatched chairs, and lingering smell of Pastis (anis liquor), make this restaurant simultaneously Parisian hip and nostalgic of summer days by the beach. To add to the atmosphere, there’s a pétanque lane downstairs, where you and your friends can get into a good game of boules no matter the weather.

The place is a local treasure and very popular, so table reservation is recommended if you’d like to have dinner.

Where: 7 Rue Lacharrière, 11th arr.
Tel: +33 9 84 16 55 03
Nearest station: Saint-Ambroise

Broken Biscuits

Freshly baked pastry and delicious coffee is what Broken Biscuits is all about

Freshly baked pastry and delicious coffee is what Broken Biscuits is all about

This tiny shop hidden away from the busy city bakes excellent treats far from being broken biscuits. Irish and British owners Christine and Chris will whip you up a cup of warm locally roasted Brûlerie de Belleville coffee while you scarf down a slice of fresh banana bread.

New recipes daily include tarts of lemon meringue, red berry crumble, or salted caramel, each individually displayed so you won’t feel guilty about not sharing.

Broken Biscuits‘ tiny bar area is great for dawdling in the delicious scent coming from the open kitchen and giant oven, or in the warm summer afternoons, snag a cozy seat on the tiny bench on the pavement.

Where: 10 Passage Rochebrune, 11th arr.
Nearest station: Saint-Ambroise

Ober Mamma

Tonight's challenge is saving room for dessert at Ober Mamma © Renaud Cambuzat

Tonight’s challenge is saving room for dessert at Ober Mamma © Renaud Cambuzat

From smoked stracciatella doused with olive oil to squid ink pasta served in a copper pot and mouth-watering Tuscan bresaola, the Ober Mamma kitchen triumphs with its contemporary take on simple Italian classics.

The predominantly Italian team here carefully selects the seasonal ingredients, putting the emphasis on exceptional quality and flavor down to the last breadcrumb. And let’s not forget the impeccable and smiley service.

You’ll have to queue outside before entering the large dining area, embellished by a ceiling covered in cured hams and a sculptured tree emanating from the wall. Compose your own aperitivo (appetizer) paired with one of the four different spritz cocktails – you might be so enchanted you’ll confuse the column in Bastille for the leaning tower of Pisa.

Where: 107 Boulevard Richard Lenoir, 11th arr.
Tel: +33 1 58 30 62 78
Nearest station: Oberkampf

Martin – boire et manger

Sharing is caring with Martin's delicious dishes

Sharing is caring with Martin’s delicious dishes

As its name implies, Martin invites you to “boire et manger” (eat and drink) for an apéro, the wonderfully French interlude between the day gone by and the tasty evening meal to come. The dynamic team, headed by an Aussie chef, serves fresh, seasonal tapas-like dishes that tick all the boxes for fine gastronomy – without the dizzying pay check to match.

Small brews and small wines wash down the minimalist yet flavorful dishes like cucumber, coriander, peanut salad or radishes with seaweed butter.  The produce is always fresh, coming from regions all around France.

On summer days, the small terrace is a prime sunny spot and a front row seat for people-watching in the neighborhood.

Where: 24 Boulevard du Temple, 11th arr.
Tel: +33 1 43 57 82 37
Nearest station: Filles du Calvaire


Jones' food is as beautiful as its industrial interior design

Jones’ food is as beautiful as its industrial interior design

Once known under the name Bones, the introduction of the new chef Florent Ciccoli lead to a one-letter name change – Jones. Considered a neo-bistrot, Jones combines high-quality meats and spices in a menu that’s world inspired.

Try the candied multi-coloured tomatoes in dehydrated Greek yogurt, or Italian burrata with fish roe and sorrel. Small plates of pecorino powdered butternut squash or bellota ham fly out of the kitchen, embalming the industrial-style bar and dining area.

Jones prides itself in its large selection of natural wines. The passionate sommelier will happily have you taste a white Italian Litrozzo de Le Coste or a classic red French Beaujolais Lapalu.

Where: 43 Rue Godefroy Cavaignac, 11th arr.
Tel: +33 9 80 75 32 08
Nearest station: Voltaire


CREAM is a coffee-lover's dream on the Parisian hillside

CREAM is a coffee-lover’s dream on the Parisian hillside

The five light-blue letters on this hole-in-the-wall’s window invite you into the creamy and caffeinated goodness that is CREAM. On a rainy day, stay cozy indoors sipping on your coffee from the local Brûlerie de Belleville roasters. In the warmer months, contemplate the life-like street art in the tiny outdoor seating area.

Although CREAM requires a steep climb a bit out of the way from Bastille, come here for a “flat-white” freshly prepared by the crew of international baristas. Top it all off with a stroll to nearby Parc de Belleville for the incomparable panoramic view over Paris. With uplifting sights and uplifting coffee, the café lives up to its motto: “Si tu déprimes viens chez CREAM” (If you’re feeling down, come to CREAM).

Where: 50 Rue de Belleville, 20th arr.
Tel: +33 9 83 66 58 43
Nearest station: Pyréenés

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