Yummy and affordable: the best budget restaurants in Copenhagen

Beyond all the bicycles, the first thing travelers notice when they arrive in Copenhagen is that food – especially good food – is expensive. So, where do you find good “New Nordic” dishes that won’t break the bank? Give these 9 food joints and restaurants in Copenhagen a try.

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If your travel budget doesn’t quite match with the prices of the extravagant Michelin treatment – and prices – at Kiin Kiin, but you nevertheless feel like having some good Thai food, stop by the Asian bistro Aroiidee just next door. The same guys run both places, and although the little sister restaurant is less experimental and fancy, the signature red curry at Aroiidee is so scrumptious that it is renowned Copenhagen-wide.

With its dim lighting, close seating and authentic Asian interior, this bustling Thai bistro serves as the perfect pit stop before a night out or as a romantic lead-up to some movie-watching at the cinema just down the street.

Where: Guldbergsgade 23
Tel: +45 35 35 95 05
Getting there: Bus 5A to Kapelvej



Overlooking the Royal Danish Playhouse on one side and the Opera House on the other, Copenhagen’s Paper Island is an ideal end destination for a romantic evening stroll.

Considering its central location and beautiful surroundings, it’s hard to believe that, until recently, the island served merely as paper storage for the Procurement Association of the Danish Press and was completely deserted! Today, the island has become one of the capital’s most happening spots, with an activity center and science museum, Experimentarium, art galleries and food carts like the ones you would see in San Francisco. Tuck in to some seriously tasty street food from all corners of the world, and enjoy it indoors in the gray halls or in the sun overlooking the city’s waterfront.

Where: Trangravsvej 14
Tel: n/a
Getting there: Bus 9A to Arsenaløen

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La Galette


Some places just instantly make you feel good. This small French crêpe restaurant is one of those. Hiding out behind a narrow, graffiti-coated gateway, you will hardly notice it unless you are deliberately scouting. However, inside you will find a lovely little restaurant run by two accomplished French guys. They dish up these excellent crêpes made from organic buckwheat from Bretagne.

The crêpes are served with delicious stuffing offerings of a variety of ingredients like salmon, ratatouille and cheeses. There is a pleasant courtyard as well, and when the weather is nice, you couldn’t find a better place for a well-deserved lunch break if you are out traversing the inner city.

Where: Larsbjørnsstræde 9, Baghuset
Tel: +45 33 32 37 90
Nearest station: Nørreport

District Tonkin


Fancy a quick trip to Hanoi? Just step in the front door of newly opened concept store District Tonkin, and you’re immediately teleported to the bustling streets of Vietnam, the smell of coriander and ginger titillating your nostrils.

Combining a tasteful, industrial interior with a laid-back street food vibe, District Tonkin lets you check out their handpicked selection of Asian art, premier cookbooks, and home décor while munching on their deliciously greasy signature sandwich: the bánh mì – a mouth-watering amalgam of marinated meats (or tofu), a peppery spread, spring onions and loads of fresh coriander. With an interior this stunning, and sandwiches so scrumptious, you won’t just want to eat here every day – you’ll want to move in!

Where: Dronningens Tværgade 12
Tel: +45 60 88 86 98
Nearest station: Kongens Nytorv



No strings attached – just honest, solid and tasty meals served with love and a crisp piece of bread and wrapped for you to bring to your favorite location. Madglad is takeaway wearing its most classy gowns, yet with good portion sizes and at budget friendly prices. There are daily specials, plus a vegetarian alternative – many of which are inspired by a traditional Danish kitchen with a few modern and international touches.

The kitsch interior and compact setting creates an intimate and delightful atmosphere that will make any social character feel right at home. Madglad brings joy to the world.

Where: Oehlenschlægersgade 53
Tel: n/a
Getting there: Bus 6A to Frederiksberg Allé

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Bring a spoon and an open mind. Grød is Danish for oatmeal, and oatmeal is back. It is no longer merely a distant childhood memory; it is the wholegrain essence from which hipsters grow their attitudes. Getting down and dirty with local farmland produce is the thing. Thus, oatmeal is celebrating a renaissance in a modern and refined version with great attention paid to texture and toppings. We recommend the spelt oatmeal with rose hip compote and caramelized pumpkin seeds. Yum!

The concept also includes Italian risottos, Asian congees and fruity oatmeal. Pop by when you stroll along the charming street of Jægersborggade, and you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Where: Jægersborggade 50
Tel: +45 50 58 55 79
Getting there: Bus 5A to Stefansgade



Nørrebro houses a large Arab community and a vast number of falafel and shawarma joints. However, for some reason, it still takes a bit of research to find genuine, quality Middle Eastern food. That is, unless you happen to come across Ahaaa on Blågårdsgade.

This is where you get the best falafel sandwich in Copenhagen, and the outside tables make for the ideal setting in which to devour it. Ahaaa also serves up super tasty shawarma, hummus, fava beans, manakish breads and a number of other delicious Middle Eastern dishes. Everything is homemade and the friendly staff is always very generous with the pickled cucumbers and radishes. Yummy!

Where: Blågårdsgade 21
Tel: +45 35 39 00 85
Getting there: Bus 5A to Ravnsborggade

Rub & Stub


Go the whole hog with a clean conscience at inner city restaurant Rub & Stub – the first in Copenhagen to take on large-scale food waste by using surplus goods from the food industry, and welcoming “odd sized” produce – that supermarkets have rejected for merely aesthetic reasons – into their scrumptious dishes.

Hidden away on the first floor of Huset i Magstræde – a timbered culture house-turned-cinema – this volunteer-run restaurant can be a bit tricky to find. But do not give up! The chefs make excellent use of the leftover ingredients, the service is incredible, and the atmosphere is beyond pleasant. So seize the day – when else are you going to get the chance to stuff your face and support an important project, simultaneously?!

Where: Rådhusstræde 13, (Entrance through Magstræde)
Tel: +45 61 33 63 78
Getting there: Bus 2A to Nationalmuseet



A “bald Frenchman in a sleeping bag” might not sound like something you want to sink your teeth into, but don’t be quick to judge. It’s actually just one of countless nicknames for the Danes’ fast food favorite: the hot dog.

Recently, the modest dish has seen somewhat of a gastro-renaissance, and restaurants that challenge and tweak the classic combination of bread, sausages and toppings are starting to pop up. Among the most experimental is Foderbrættet, which serves an unusually avant-garde pescatarian variation in which the “sausage” is made from cod, wrapped in tempura batter and sprinkled with seaweed. Wash it down with a drink, and burn off the excess calories on the downstairs dance floor.

Where: Vesterbrogade 41
Tel: +45 33 23 64 63
Nearest station: Vesterport

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