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Gangneung, South KoreaOct 29 — Nov 5
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Gangneung, South Korea
Thu 10/29
Thu 11/5

Find popular attractions close to your rental car pick-up

Yangyang Intl Airport

Yangyang, South Korea

Nearby attractions:

Gyeongpo Beach21.7 mi
Anmok Beach25.0 mi
Wŏnju Airport

Wŏnju, South Korea

Nearby attractions:

Gyeongpo Beach57.6 mi
Anmok Beach58.7 mi

114 50 Mandaegongwon Gil

Nearby attractions:

Gyeongpo Beach62.6 mi
Anmok Beach63.5 mi

Distance to popular hotels from Gangneung

Park your car and yourself at these popular hotels not far from Yangyang Intl Airport's car rental counter

Skybay Hotel Gyeongpo

476 Haean-ro

22.1 mi from airport

St. John's Hotel

307, Changhae-ro

23.2 mi from airport

Sun Cruise Resort And Yacht

950-39, Heonhwa-ro, Gangdong-Myeon

33.0 mi from airport

Skybay Hotel Gyeongpo

476 Haean-ro

22.1 mi from airport

St. John's Hotel

307, Changhae-ro

23.2 mi from airport

Sun Cruise Resort And Yacht

950-39, Heonhwa-ro, Gangdong-Myeon

33.0 mi from airport

Tops 10 Gangneung Hotel

455-34, Heonhwa-ro Okgye-myeon

35.8 mi from airport

Seabay Hotel Gangneung

59, Jumunjin-Eup

14.6 mi from airport

Gangneung City Hotel

112, Gyodonggwangjang-ro

23.4 mi from airport

Avvio Hotel

229, Changhae-ro

23.6 mi from airport


2, Haean-ro 406beon-gil

22.5 mi from airport

Hotel Cube

431, Changhae-ro, Gangneung-si

22.4 mi from airport

Winners Hotel

1725-3, Haean-ro, Jumunjin-eup

14.7 mi from airport

Gangneung Tourist Hotel

62, Geumseong-ro

24.7 mi from airport

Gangneung Boutique Hotel Bombom

19, Gyodonggwangjang-ro 100Beon-Gil

23.3 mi from airport

Hotel Yeogiuhtte Gyeongpo

13-9, Haean-ro, 406 Beon-Gil

22.4 mi from airport

The Hongc Hotel Gangneung

8, Gyodonggwangjang-ro 100beon-gil

23.3 mi from airport

Gyungpo Beach Hotel

17, Haean-ro 406Beon-Gil

22.4 mi from airport

Gyeongpodae The Hotel Business

549 Haean-ro

21.7 mi from airport

Haslla Art World Museum Hotel

1441, Yulgok-ro, Gangdong-myeon

30.8 mi from airport

Gangneung Grey Hotel

6, Haseulla-ro 192beon-gil

23.2 mi from airport

Car Rental in Gangneung

15 people have been looking for a car to rent in Gangneung in October.

What cleaning measures are being taken by Gangneung car rental companies to control the spread of COVID-19?

Many car rental companies in Gangneung have new cleaning requirements in place to ensure your vehicle is disinfected for your safety. This enhanced cleaning feature is now being offered at locations such as Avis and Hertz. Use our new search filter to see all the companies offering enhanced cleaning in Gangneung. As things change, so do policies. We’ll do our best to stay on top of things, but always be sure to check with the provider directly.

Which car rental agency in Gangneung has the cheapest rental car prices?

You can expect to find the cheapest rental car prices in Gangneung from Avis, who has 2 locations in the city. momondo users have found daily rates as low as $55, but the average rate for car rentals in Gangneung from Avis is $64/day.

Is there a fee to cancel my Gangneung car rental?

The majority of the Gangneung car rental agencies that we partner with do not have a cancellation fee. This means that if your plans change unexpectedly, many car rental centers in Gangneung such as Avis, Hertz, and LOTTE rent-a-car often offer cancellation free of charge based on when you booked.

What is the best type of car to rent in Gangneung during November?

With temperatures averaging 35.6 °F and precipitation usually 2″ during November, you should consider renting a Standard car when traveling to Gangneung. A Standard car can handle the fluctuations in temperature and rainfall during the month of November and is a popular choice for travelers heading to Gangneung. Renting a Standard in Gangneung will cost you $95/day on average.

Which rental car company in Gangneung has the most locations?

The city of Gangneung has 4 locations owned by Hertz, with an average daily rate of $58.

What is the speed limit in Gangneung?

When you book a rental car in Gangneung, you should abide by the city’s 40 mph speed limit. The speed limits on any suburban roads and highways in Gangneung are 50 mph and 75 mph, respectively. Be on the lookout for posted signage, because these speed limits might change depending on where you are within Gangneung.

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