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Duisburg, Germany
Oct 3 — Oct 10
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Duisburg, Germany
Sun 10/3
Sun 10/10

Duisburg Europcar locations

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Information about Europcar car rentals in Duisburg

  • Is it safe to rent a car from Europcar in Duisburg during COVID-19?

    Each Europcar car rental location in Duisburg is undergoing enhanced cleaning procedures throughout COVID-19 to ensure the safety of their customers and staff. These additional precautions include disinfecting high-touch areas such as the interior and exterior of their rental cars, and the pick-up/drop-off areas. Europcar has also introduced extra precautionary steps, including:
    • The “Zero Contact” policy, which ensures that each vehicle key is sealed in an envelope once it has been disinfected

  • How much will a Europcar rental car in Duisburg cost in October?

    $27 per day in Duisburg is the cheapest price for a car rental from Europcar in October. However, you will find that the average Europcar rental prices are closer to $51 per day in October, or $354 on average for a week. These rates are all based on prices from last October, so you may be able to find even better deals this year.

  • Does Europcar have a location at Duesseldorf Intl Airport?

    There are 2 locations at Duesseldorf Intl Airport. The addresses for these 2 car rental centers are Ankunft/arrival B and Flughafenstrasse 120.

  • Does Europcar offer free car rental cancellation in Duisburg?

    There are free rental car cancellations available from Europcar in Duisburg. Keep in mind that there might be a cancellation fee if you cancel your rental car last-minute. Click here to find a list of phone numbers under the Locations tab if you’d like to learn more about Europcar cancellation policies.

  • What is the most popular car to rent from Europcar while in Duisburg in October?

    Economy rental cars are the most popular type of vehicle to rent from Europcar in Duisburg during the month of October. On average, Economy rentals from Europcar cost $96 per day, while the cheapest price found was $64 per day in October.

  • How many Europcar car rental locations are there in Duisburg?

    Europcar currently operates out of 4 locations in Duisburg. The most popular car rental location Europcar has in Duisburg is located at Mainstrasse 19. Over the past 12 months, 80% of our users that searched for Europcar rentals in Duisburg happened to rent their vehicle from the Mainstrasse 19 location.

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