15 ways to accomplish your travel goals in 2017

Don’t want to give up on your New Year’s travel resolution? Follow our 15 step guide and learn how to get the most out of your travel experiences in 2017

Live out that New Year's Eve resolution and start traveling around the world

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Date 28th December 2016

Just like every year, for 2017 you’ve made a list of all those things you want to do or change. That list might include a fresh new start, a do-over of sorts, or cutting back on bad habits. But the hardest item to cross off that list might be that you wished you had traveled more.

So, instead of reminding yourself of all the things you didn’t do in 2016, offer yourself a late Christmas gift from you to you, and see more of the world in 2017. Here’s how …

1. Stop dreaming and start planning

Sometimes the problem isn’t finding time to travel, but rather finding time to plan to travel. We can get so caught up in our daily lives that it seems impossible to just sit down and get the little things done.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Save time and use momondo’s Trip Finder tool, where you search for travel destinations based on mood, interest, weather, continent, month, and most importantly, budget. Whether you’re leaning towards a ski resort in somewhere in Sweden or a sunny beach in Thailand, there are endless options that will make booking that trip so much easier.

2. Pick destinations within your budget and start balancing!

Be honest to yourself and learn how to start traveling on a budget.
Be honest to yourself and learn how to start traveling on a budget

The planning always gets easier once you know what destinations you can or cannot afford. If your budget is endless, good for you, the sky is the limit! For everyone else, all is not lost, but you do need to think a little bit more tactically about your travels.

For some destinations, the ticket fare is the most expensive part, and others (nearby weekend getaways, presumably) are cheaper to get to. It’s always good to think about the balance of your budget, so focus on places where the currency exchange leaves you at a considerable advantage or where local lifestyle is much cheaper than back home.

This balancing act is tricky to pull off, but even just trying will allow you more opportunity to de-stress, avoid overspending and get the most out of your travel experiences.

3. Start listing

We love lists, and soon you will too. Set yourself obtainable travel goals and make a list of places you could realistically visit this year, plus a few extra desirables. Then, when the moment is right and you are ready to take the travel plunge, treat yourself with a visit to one of the destinations.

It’s not rocket science, but writing these goals down will give you the encouragement you need to achieve them.

4. Be a big-mouth

Been dreaming of going to a yoga retreat in Kerala? Want to camp out with wolves in Quebec? Tell people around you; it might turn out that others have already been on the trip of your dreams.

Sharing with those around you could bring about surprising travel tips and anecdotes that will get you even more eager to pack your bags and go.

5. Don’t be afraid of traveling alone

Travel alone and discover the world, and a little bit more about yourself.
Travel alone and discover the world, and a little bit more about yourself

Are you ready to hop on the next plane out but no one could take the time off to come with you? Don’t let that stop you: try traveling alone. Experience the freedom of traveling where, when, and how you want. The challenge can be extremely rewarding, and you might even make a couple of new international friends along the way.

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6. Get in touch with locals

The world can seem so vast, but connections can be made in one click of a button. Knowing someone where you wish to travel might make the adventure a bit less scary. Different online communities, forums, and accommodation services help you get in touch easily with people living in your next travel destination, who will be able to give you great local insights and knowledge about the place.

7. Explore your backyard

Who said traveling has to mean going far away and for a long time? Awesome things are happening all around us, and your travel goals might take flight if you start with a couple of “staycations”.

Get to know your own country, go to all the museums, and check off all the tourist attractions and sights on your list of things to see. With less time dedicated to transportation, you’ll have more time to visit, enjoy and learn more about the place you call home.

8. Find a travel buddy with similar interests

Find a travel buddy and get going!
Find a travel buddy and start traveling around the world

The right travel buddy can make or break a vacation, so it’s good to spend time finding the right one. That might mean that your best travel companion isn’t always your childhood friend or significant other, but perhaps a newish friend, a colleague, or that cousin you haven’t seen in a while but with whom you’d love to reconnect. In sum, don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Once you’ve found your partner in travel, be sure to discuss budget, interests, and expectations before traveling. This may inspire you to visit places that you’d never heard of before! What’s more, you can share local contacts. That makes twice as many places to visit and twice as many people to meet.

9. Connect in order to disconnect

The internet is great, and can be very useful, but it’s nice to reconnect with real-life when we’re abroad. Stop trying to learn how to say “Do you have free wifi?” in Cantonese and try out momondo places – our very own downloadable city guides – instead.

Each of the 21 (and counting!) guides features offline maps and over 150 bars, restaurants, shops, museums and more great places to visit in each city, as recommended to us by locals. Download them to your iPhone prior to your trip and use them offline.

Oh, and did we mention that they’re absolutely free?! Download them today and start exploring a city like a local.

10. Be spontaneous

If your suitcase is ready and you can book a flight at a moment’s notice, set up a Fare Alert on our website. As soon as the price for a route you are interested in has changed, we’ll let you know. It’s like a travel lottery, but you’re always a winner!

11. Embrace long layovers

Book yourself a trip with a long Icelandic layover and visit the extraordinary Blue Lagoon.
Book yourself a trip with a long Icelandic layover and visit the extraordinary Blue Lagoon. © Traveloscopy

Whether it’s a few hours in an airport, or a night’s stay in an unknown city, use that layover time to the fullest.

We recommend getting the longest layover possible. Not only is the fare likely to be cheaper, it will give you the chance to get out of the airport and experience that middle destination ahead of your final one. That’s like 2 trips for the price of 1!

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12. Meet halfway for your family trips

Often times, we find ourselves far from our loved ones. Instead of always going back and forth to each other’s cities, pick a destination halfway between and meet there. It opens up so many options of places you might never have thought of visiting, all while spending quality time with the people you’ve missed.

13. Get the most out of your business trip

You might be lucky enough to have a job that allows you to travel. Obviously, going to a seminar in Ibiza doesn’t mean you’ll be spending the day at the beach. But maybe you have a bit of free time to do a couple touristy visits or even just hang out in a bustling city center to feel the local vibe.

The main advice would be to remove yourself from the work environment as much as possible and explore at your leisure.

14. Get inspired

A little travel inspiration might just lead you to paradise.
A little travel inspiration might just lead you to paradise

Maybe you have your heart set on one destination, or you could be swayed either way of the globe to any exotic place. Follow travel bloggers, or travelers on Instagram, or our momondo blog to stay up to date on exciting destinations and learn interesting facts about different cultures.

Sometimes we discover new places we hadn’t expected that are actually within reach. Plus, daydreaming about a picture of Whitsundays Beach in Australia beats staring out the window watching the rain. That is, if you don’t love rain, of course.

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15. Just go for it

What are you waiting for? There are lots of ways to travel the world, and this is your year to visit all those places you’ve always wanted to go! Sometimes over-thinking is what’s stopping you. Once the ticket is purchased, the rest is just an adventure.


Feeling inspired? Visit the momondo blog to see our 12 favorite budget destinations of 2017, or take note of our handy traveling checklist.

Originally published

28th December 2016