The most romantic hotels in Europe

Looking for something nice to do with that special someone? We’ve got just what you need with these most romantic hotels in Europe

A room for two in Europe's most romantic hotels? Right this way!

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Date 28th January 2016

Love knows no boundaries, so why not spread the love by traveling with your one-and-only for a dreamy vacation in Europe. Get hooked on love in any of these romantic hotels, each chosen to seduce any type of budget. One tip: pack light – love is all you need.

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La Torre del Canonigo – Ibiza, Spain

The best view in Ibiza is from the Torre

All year round, partygoers flock to the island for nights they’ll hardly remember but, for this romantic getaway, stay at La Torre del Canonigo for a night you’ll never forget. Situated in the heights of Dalt Vila (high town), a UNESCO Heritage site, the tower boasts one of the most beautiful Mediterranean views – the perfect backdrop for a night swim in your private outdoor hot tub.

When you’re done staring into each other’s eyes, check out the Archeological Museum full of hidden treasures of Ibiza’s amazing history. Not racy enough? Take a stroll down Calle de la Virgen for some eye-popping fetish shops to tickle any especially curious couple’s fancy.

Can’t wait! Search for a room at La Torre del Canonigo

Palazzetto Madonna – Venice, Italy

Sweet dreams, amore at Palazzetto Madonna

If you weren’t in love before spending your vacation in Venice, you surely will be after a night at the Palazzetto Madonna. While many romantic hotels in Venice adorn flamboyant Rococo decors, this boutique hotel tastefully combines Italian aesthetics and modern design.

Drop off your bags and jump on the water bus at the nearby station and share a typical meal of polenta and squid ink at an osteria (restaurant) on Campo Santa Margherita. As the bells of the Campanile di San Marco chime midnight, do like Casanova and slip into the satin sheets of your personal palazzo.

Look no further. Search for a room at Palazzetto Madonna

Trezzini Palace Hotel – Saint Petersburg, Russia

Red romance at Trezzini Palace

Nothing says “I Love You” like a room full of satin sheets and velvet pillows in Saint Petersburg. At the Trezzini Palace, feel regal in a palace that preserved influences from its imperial past.

The impressive volume of the rooms and their decor are just a pre-starter for the tsarist luxury you’ll encounter when visiting the Hermitage Museum or the nearby Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. The massive dome made of 100 kilos of pure gold will have you seeing tsars (get it?). By the time you take a horse carriage ride at the Palace Square, you’ll be head over heels for each other. Slow things down by taking a soothing and scenic ride on the Neva River and kissing under some of the city’s 365 bridges.

I do! Search for a room at Trezzini Palace Hotel

Fusion Hotel Prague – Prague, Czech Republic

Feel the love designed by ©tinquer at the Fusion Hotel

After placing a Czech garnet necklace around your lover’s neck, tell each other how much you love one another atop Petrin Hill. On a moonlit night, the view will have you falling in love with the Vltava River and Prague‘s red tile roofs. Skip dinner and head straight to the Fusion Hotel where the Fusion Love suite will have you work up a whole other appetite. The not-so-subtle mirrors strategically placed around the round bed will impress even the shyest of lovers.

Feeling it? Search for a room at Fusion Hotel Prague

Montmartre Mon Amour – Paris, France

Ouh-la-love! Make your heart race at Montmartre Mon Amour

Sure, it might seem like a go-to, cliché destination, but the City of Lights is made for lovers. A walk through the Paris‘ Place des Vosges, window shopping at Place Vendôme, and a coffee at the terrace of Café St Regis will have you falling in love faster than you can say “je t’aime”. Just beyond the Sacré Coeur basilica, at the hotel Montmartre Mon Amour, each room adorns a loving portrait of an emblematic French couple such as Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. In terms of romantic hotels, this one wins it all. Love and culture, who could ask for more?

”Oui, mon amour”. Search for a room at Montmartre Mon Amour

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Witchery by the Castle Hotel Edinburgh – Edinburgh, Scotland

Soak in luxury in this tub-for-two in the heart of Edinburgh

For whisky and castle lovers alike, Edinburgh is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. The obvious Edinburgh Castle is an iconic attraction, but for a stroll with your honey, the Princes Street Gardens has some great bushes for stealing kisses. If you get chilly, cozy up in one of the city’s many pubs along the Royal Mile. The seductive 5-star hotel Witchery by the Castle Hotel Edinburgh will be waiting for you at the end of the day. A romantic night in the velvety four-poster beds and a dip in the Victorian roll-top bath will leave you satisfied and asking for more – if your wallet will allow it!

It’s on! Search for a room at Witchery by the Castle Hotel Edinburgh

Coimbra Portagem Hostel – Coimbra, Portugal

Hospitality reigns at Coimbra Portagem Hostel in Portugal

Could it be the sounds of fado (a plaintive style of Portuguese folk music) – resonating on the monumental stone walls of the city of Coimbra – that make this one of the most fascinating cities in Portugal? Or is it the student population running wild in their black robes that gives this city its eternal youth ideal for a young-love escape? Foundation grounds of the first university in Portugal, Coimbra has since become the university capital of the country, offering many nightlife attractions to keep the youngins busy all year round, and at friendly prices.

Just across the Ponte de Santa Clara bridge, your humble abode awaits at the Coimbra Portagem Hostel. The standard double room is a perfect cocoon to reminisce the sounds on the Coimbra guitarra you listened to at A Capella, a chapel from 1361 turned concert venue.

Just a click away. Search for a room at Coimbra Portagem Hostel

Hotel Goldgasse – Salzburg, Austria

Follow the road to Hohensalzburg Castle

Cultural couples will have to look no further for their dream destination – Salzburg, Austria is the end of the road. The Romantic Road (Romantischestrasse, for locals), that is, the one that winds through the cultural and historical sights from Germany to Austria. Birthplace of Mozart, all year round travelers can delve into the local culture and events like the Salzburg Festival or Mozart Week.

At Hotel Goldgasse, they take Austrian love to new heights with echoes of history rising crescendo from the authentic inn style restaurant on street-level to the contemporary Rooftop Suite. No view is too good for you and your better half, so spoil yourselves rotten with the unique panorama of the Fortress Hohensalzburg and a glass of Austrian sparkling wine, Sekt.

Bags are packed? Search for a room at Hotel Goldgasse

Apollon Boutique Hotel – Paros, Greece

Feel like a Greek god at Apollon Boutique Hotel

While the Cyclades might rhyme with partying in Mykonos, lovebirds nest in the heart of the archipelago on the romantic island of Paros. A ferry’s way away from Athens, you’ll be walking hand in hand on the sun-drenched beach of Chrissí Aktí before sunset. Once you’ve thrown off your clothes and slipped into your finest bathing suit at the Apollon Boutique Hotel head to the port of Parikia. Or perhaps discover the Aegean world while exploring charming white-washed alleys of Naoussa.

Taking a mere 30 minute’s drive to cross the island, the options for you to sigh and swoon are endless. And after a romantic night listening to the waves crash through the window of your lovely room, enjoy the cool sea breeze at the Apollon hotel’s terrace under the shade of the bougainvillea flowers.

Inspired? Search for a room at Apollon Boutique Hotel

Lesar Hotel Angel – Ljubljana, Slovenia

A heavenly room no dirty devil can resist

It’s all in the name! The Lesar Hotel Angel is the perfect dose of sweet and heavenly for your romantic Slavic trip. The fireplace in the lounge could be your favorite place to snuggle, or perhaps the candle-lit garden will have you cooing “Ljubim te” (I love you, in local Ljubljana tongue). In the historical, medieval town, the Prešernov Square will inspire your inner artist as you admire the statues of poet France Prešeren staring longingly at his lover Julija Primic’s statue perched on a windowsill. Before you take the Triple Bridge and cross over to the modern city, hold each other close under the ceramic tiled roof of the stylish Hauptmann House.

Let’s get lucky! Search for a room at Lesar Hotel Angel

City House – Hamburg, Germany

Feel like a hot dog in Hamburg

If you’re lucky enough to enter the port of Hamburg by boat, you’ll most likely be saluted by your country’s national anthem and flag at the Willkomm-Hoft. A warm beginning to a convivial stay in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (the city’s full name). After a good night’s sleep in the charming City House hotel, fill up on breakfast hams and cheeses and head to the Speicherstadt, the largest warehouse district in the world awarded the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site, or get giddy with romance at the central fountain at the Planten un Blomen park.

Before heading back to your room at the city villa, grab a seat on the long tables in the St Pauli Fischmarkt and blush as the marktschreier (market criers) boisterously flirt with customers to sell their fresh fish.

Let’s go! Search for a room at City House

Komorowski Luxury Guest Rooms – Krakow, Poland

You’ll never want to leave the room at Komorowski Luxury Guest Rooms

If you love romantic hotels, this one is surely for you! Drop off your suitcase and draw the blinds, the Komorowski Luxury Guest Rooms will have you forgetting all about visiting the city of Krakow with a hot tub big enough for two (or even three) people in every room! No excuses though, the city’s historical Old Town and Main Market Square are just a stone’s throw away.

While you’re checking out the Wawel Royal Castle, reenact a romantic scene of the prince saving his dame from the fire breathing dragon in front of the famous Smok Wawelski statue. Before calling it a day and diving back into the hot tubs, tackle the Kosciuszko Mound to embrace one of the most beautiful views of the historic city.

Ready to go? Search for a room at Komorowski Luxury Guest Rooms


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28th January 2016