4 exclusive insider tips to get the cheapest hotel deals

Check out these 4 exclusive insider tips on how to travel smarter, and get the cheapest hotel deals available


A room with a view doesn't have to cost the earth

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Date 26th October 2015

In the excitement of planning a vacation, the search for hotels can take a long time. Not only have you got to decide where you want to stay, but you’ve also got to think strategically: should you book now or wait to see if the price drops? What if you book on one site but find a better price on another? What if your plans change and you need to change dates?

Booking a hotel can be a minefield, which is precisely why we spoke to an ex-online travel agent to get five exclusive tips on how you can work towards getting the cheapest hotel deals.

Is your deluxe really a standard?

Go deluxe and sleep like a king!
Go deluxe and sleep like a king!

Pay close attention to what the room is called when you’re booking. All these deals between different OTAs often result in some discrepancies on hotel booking sites: while a room might be listed on the OTA’s site as ‘deluxe’, it might be a ‘standard’ on the hotel’s site (and possibly a ‘super deluxe’ on another OTA site!).

It’s worth checking the hotel site to make sure you get what you book. Keep an eye out for what’s included in the room price too – free breakfast and Wi-Fi can make all the difference.

Refundable rooms rule

While booking a refundable room will cost around 5-10% more, it could save you much more in the long run. It will give you flexibility on your dates, that’s a given, but you can also use it as insurance.

If you book, continue your search for hotels, and find another room at a cheaper price (even in the same hotel), you can book the new one, cancel the refundable room, and revel in glory over your crafty deed. Some hotels allow cancellation right up to the same day, so there’s plenty of time to track down a deal – just be sure to check the cancellation policy to be sure of the timing!

Trust your fellow guests

Contrary to what many may think, there is no global star rating system. As a result, you just can’t be sure that a 5-star hotel in Nepal will have the same amenities as a 5-star in Stockholm.

Your best bet is to listen to your fellow guests. What are recent visitors saying about the building, the rooms, the service, and overall value-for-money? Do their photos tell a different story to those of the hotels’? A few minutes research can save nights of regret.

Avoid high-demand dates

Packed streets (and hotels) at New Orleans Mardi Gras

Not only do you not want the city you’re staying in to be overrun with conference or carnival guests (like the chaos of New Orleans Mardi Gras) clogging up the public transport and restaurants, you really don’t want to be stuck paying peak prices for a hotel room because they’re all in town. High-demand dates around things like large conferences and sporting events can really push up the prices, so a quick Google for any events could save you a lot when booking a hotel.

So book your flights, and get hunting for those cheapest hotel deals!

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26th October 2015