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Top of the volcanic rock

About Santorini


Wrapped around the remnants of a massive volcanic eruption, Santorini has nature’s bad temper to thank for its shine. Looks like these have her at the top of every beach lover’s must-see list. She’s used to the endless attention and has no trouble remaining ultra-chic.

The archipelago is part of an active volcano – but with major eruptions 20,000 years apart you’re pretty safe.

Brilliantly white buildings stand in stepped rows along steep cliffs, as the blue of the central lagoon vies with the blue of the Aegean. The Minoan site of Akrotiri will impress archaeology buffs, while the village of Oia is a traditional beauty worth the uphill hike and the crowds of visitors. Meanwhile gourmands will go wild for simple bites such as fried eggplant, crisp calamari and lush cherry tomatoes. This volcanic crater has plenty on the menu.

Stroll the multi-colored beaches, featuring striking volcanic formations, smooth pebbles and vivid sand

Great places in Santorini

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