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Travel is personal (no matter how it might feel when you’re elbow to elbow with your neighbors on an 11-hour red-eye). We all have different needs when we’re booking a flight, from airline to departure time, and sometimes finding the right flight can take up a lot more time than we’d like. This is why we built Ticket Builder, Price Calendar, Flight Insight, and Cheapest, Quickest and Best. Each tool is made with a lot of love, and with the sole purpose of saving you time and money. In fact, Frommer’s, the global travel guidebook series, recently said that we were, “hands-down, the best place to find the cheapest airfares every single time”. Find out more about the tools below.

“Shortcuts to cheapest, quickest and best overall results”

Cheapest, Quickest and Best are three buttons that show you, once you’ve made your search, the cheapest flight, the quickest flight, and the best flight (the optimal balance between price and flight time) at the click of a button. Simple, but effective.


“Nifty fare calendar graph”

Price Calendar, the bar chart right above your search results shows you the approximate prices one week leading up to your chosen date, and two weeks after, so you can quickly see if flying on a different date would make financial sense (of course, you might just have chosen the perfect dates anyway!).


“Split search”

Ticket Builder is a tool that lets you build your ticket out of specific out and inbound flights. Once you’ve made your search you’re able to filter the flights by airline, airport, time, price and more. Then all you have to do is choose your flights, and you’re good to go.


“Insider intel”

Another useful feature is Flight Insight. Once you’ve made your search you can see detailed insights on the six factors that affect the price of your flight: airline, seasonality, days to departure, day of week, airport, and time of day. This lets you see whether flying a different airline, or on a different day, for example, could save you money. Try the four unique tools now, and find your perfect ticket.


Frommer’s is one of America’s leading authorities on travel, and the most trusted name in travel today with over 50 years in the business, and more than 350 travel guidebooks published.

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