7 stylish hotels in San Francisco

Going on holiday in San Francisco and looking for accommodation? Here are 7 hotels in San Francisco, which offer both style and a great location.

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Chancellor Hotel


The Chancellor Hotel possesses a classical beauty that will never lose its esteem. While owning a long, distinguished history as a San Francisco hotel, the Chancellor still boasts timeless features that draw the admiration of passersby. Its Victorian-era façade and aristocratic interior stir nostalgia for an era the modern day has long outlived. Its early origins also explain the hotel’s fabulous location right off of Union Square. The hotel’s considerable height relative to its neighbours causes it to stand out, which only means great window views for the guests. And thankfully, the one aspect of the Chancellor that hasn’t remained back in time is the fresh, maintained room furnishings. Where: 433 Powell Street Tel: +1 415 362 2004 Nearest station: Powell Station Rates at Chancellor Hotel start at $132 per room per night

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Hotel Triton

Hotel Triton captures San Francisco’s colourful personality

Some hotels depart from the polished sterility that characterises most hotels. Hotel Triton, for example, makes every effort to capture San Francisco’s colourful, unrestrained personality. This fact is obvious upon entry into the hotel’s eye-catching lobby, resplendent from wall to wall in bright, vibrant murals of varying styles. The rooms also possess more character than most accommodations. Some are themed like the Haagen Dazs Suite (!), which comes with an ice cream cabinet, while the ordinary rooms have the bright walls and homey nuances of a real bedroom. Hotel Triton is flanked by a French café and wine bar, but also take advantage of the hotel’s complimentary happy hour every afternoon. Where: 342 Grant Avenue Tel: +1 415 394 0500 Nearest station: Sutter Street & Kearny Street Rates at Hotel Triton start at $139 per room per night

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JW Marriott San Francisco Union Square

Art in the lobby at Marriott which also offers impressively large rooms

A stone’s throw from Union Square, the JW Marriott sets a memorable first impression with an eclectic gallery of local and foreign artists just inside the entrance. An elevator ride up to the lobby transports you to a towering open-air atrium, spacious and showered with natural light from the skylight overhead. The bar, lounge, and concierge share a roomy common space, making it a comfortable launching pad from which to embark on your city excursions. Wherever you go inside the building the building you go, the art theme follows. And when your eyes have tired from analysing paintings, or legs have given out from walking, the Marriott’s impressively large rooms will provide soothing relief. Where: 515 Mason Street Tel: +1 415 771 8600 Nearest station: Powell Station Rates at JW Marriott San Francisco Union Square start at $231 per room per night

JW Marriott San Francisco Union Square

Hotel Kabuki

Hotel Kabuki is a piece of Japan in San Francisco

As a central piece of Japantown’s all-encompassing cultural experience, Hotel Kabuki doesn’t disappoint. The hotel’s immaculate surfaces and carefully positioned furniture speak to the authentic Japanese design. Meticulous attention to detail comes through in Hotel Kabuki’s every feature, from the finely curated Japanese garden to the guestrooms’ sliding wooden doors and paper screens. Beyond the hotel’s front door is the entirety of Japantown’s cultural diversions. Despite the neighbourhood’s limited size, it contains a comprehensive spectrum of Japanese businesses, hence the name. Whether it’s a plate of yakitori barbecue or sushi that’s desired, multiple options abound. Also explore the world of fascinating Japanese merchandise in the Japan Center Mall, located adjacent to Hotel Kabuki. Where: 1625 Post Street Tel: +1 415 922 3200 Nearest station: Geary Boulevard & Laguna Street Rates at Hotel Kabuki start at $174 per room per night

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Phoenix Hotel

The pool area is the social epicentre at Phoenix Hotel

Phoenix Hotel’s appearance seems better suited for sunny beach surroundings, as opposed to the formal urban landscape it inhabits. On the other hand, the hotel’s bubbly pastel colours and heated outdoor pool inject a refreshing boost of exuberant character to the neighbourhood.

Few hotels in San Francisco replicate Phoenix Hotel’s retro motel design, which features a central pool that’s overlooked by each guestroom around the pool’s perimeter. The hotel encourages its guests to socialise around this watery social epicentre. The guestrooms maintain the hotel’s retro theme, but also come equipped with hip modern furnishings.

Phoenix Hotel has hosted numerous well-known performing artists, who seem to adore the hotel’s spirited personality.

Where: 601 Eddy Street
Tel: +1 415 776 1380
Nearest station: Van Ness Avenue & Turk Street

Rates at Phoenix Hotel start at $162 per room per night

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Argonaut Hotel

Enjoy the maritime feel at Argonaut Hotel

Nautically themed lodging in the Fisherman’s Wharf district is inevitable, but the Argonaut Hotel is no kitschy establishment. Occupying a refurbished brick warehouse along the seaside, the Argonaut conforms perfectly to the historical seafaring traditions that surround it. This structure that once housed shipping wares now holds luxurious rooms and elegant maritime décor that gives the impression of being inside a ship.

The building also houses an interactive museum that delivers a hands-on education about the city’s maritime history. Lodgers wake up to the soothing sounds of ocean breeze and drifting current. These sounds later become accompanied by jovial travellers descending upon Fisherman’s Wharf, which eagerly awaits the Argonaut’s guests.

Where: 495 Jefferson Street
Tel: +1 415 563 0800
Nearest station: Hyde Street & Beach Street

Rates at Argonaut Hotel start at $206 per room per night

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Hotel Drisco

Hotel Drisco is all about elegance and impressive services

Hotel Drisco, atop its lofty Pacific Heights perch, boasts the most commanding view among hotels in the area. Sharing prime space with the neighbourhood’s numerous mansions, it’s apparent why San Franciscans of the greatest means desire to live here. Every evening beckons for a walk through the neighbourhood’s peaceful streets of grandiose homes. From the hilltop Hotel Drisco sits on, guests can decide to descend northward to the bay, or south towards attractive neighbourhoods filled with food and nightlife. This elegant hotel spoils its guests with its impressive services including top-quality wine receptions and a breakfast buffet that pulls out all the stops. Where: 2901 Pacific Avenue Tel: +1 415 346 2880 Nearest station: Divisadero Street & Jackson Street Rates at Hotel Drisco start at $341 per room per night

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