Where should we travel in 2014?

Travel Experts Predict 2014’s Hottest Destinations

That’s the question we posed to a select group of travel bloggers. Many of the responses from these independent experts within the travel community were surprising and fascinating!

Here are their informed and unbiased recommendations…

Central America

Central America has so much diversity but is often overshadowed by it's bigger neighbour (South America). Whether you're into rest & relaxation, immersing yourself in local culture and discovering Mayan history or are looking for action-packed jungle trekking & diving. There’s something to cater for all tastes!
Lauren Brady (@LC_Brady) of Only Chasing the Sun
Photo: Calculated Traveller


You will see French, Dutch, Spanish, West Indian, Portuguese and African influences throughout the island in language, food, religion and architecture. Whether it’s sun, surf, sand, culture or history, this southern Caribbean island has it all.
Mary Chong (@CalculateTravel) of Calculated Traveller
Photo: Batumi, Georgia - Katie Aune
Photo: Nomad Naomi
Photo: Katie Aune


Not only is it one of the oldest Christian nations with centuries old monasteries and churches still standing, it has a strong wine-making tradition that goes back to the 6th century B.C.
Katie Aune (@katieaune) of KatieAune.com
Georgia is a country that can shock you with the unknown. While there, I discovered something completely new every day - from the food, architecture, festivals, religion, music, and even to the language, there were so many sides of Georgia that I'd never encountered similarities to anywhere in the world.
Naomi Alyssa (@nomadnaomi) of Nomad Naomi
It’s a really diverse country with tons to discover and a rich religious and cultural history; it's also a good value destination and tourists (of which there are few) are made to feel very welcome.
Brenna Holeman (@SuitcaseBrenna) of This Battered Suitcase


Scotland is an incredibly beautiful country, packed with history, culture, current arts and cultural events, and good food!
Dr. Jessie Voigts (@WanderingEds) of Wandering Educators
2014 is the year of Homecoming in the country of kilts and castles. Lots of events are being planned in cities throughout the country, plus Scotland will be hosting the Commonwealth Games and the Ryder Cup this year.
Alison Chino (@alisonchino) of Chino House

South Korea

The South Korean attractions you hit up are as oddball (or mainstream) as you are. Without leaving Seoul's tourist-friendly subway system you can visit three provinces, several cities, and more destinations than you could with a full week of travelling. If you go, head all the way north for a Chicken Art Museum. Yup. Chicken art.
Chris Backe (@chrisbacke) of One Weird Globe


It’s got an extensive tourist infrastructure, English is very widely spoken and there is excellent dining and nightlife for a great value compared to other Western European countries. Portugal is also gaining international notoriety as a surfing destination, so I think it’s a very up-and-coming destination for American travellers.
Laura Genutis (@lauragenutis) of Eclectic Travel Girl
Photo: Flickr Rob


Montenegro definitely delivers value for the dollar and it has unique natural beauty. One of the highlights is certainly Kotor, Europe's southernmost Fjord. Tall mountains rise from the salt water bay which on clear days is cobalt and deep blue.
Dave (@DaveDTC) of Dave’s Travel Corner


Slovakia is the Czech Republic's forgotten cousin. Many people will ‘try out’ Bratislava as a day trip on their way from Prague to Vienna, but there is so much more to this unique, laid-back country than people give it credit for.
Katka Lapelosová (@katkatravels) of Katka Travels
Photo: Beth Williams


The Maldives is a natural paradise with crystal clear waters perfect for diving, snorkelling, or just relaxing. Due to climate change, the Maldives is slowly sinking into the ocean, so go there while you still have the chance!
Beth Williams (@besudesuabroad) of Besudesu Abroad
Photo: FlickrJessica Glabraith

Kerala, India

People are looking to get off the beaten path and take a trip that challenges them. I think the state of Kerala in particular will draw visitors with their sustainable and nature-based tourism efforts. It will no longer be a destination reserved for luxury and adventure travellers.
Jessica Galbraith (@flyawayamerican) of The Fly Away American


With exceptional coastline, beach front towns abound making road trips the ideal way to see the country and maybe even get invited to a legendary Uruguayan BBQ! They also have liberal attitudes towards gay travellers and recently approved same sex marriage.
Nikki Danger (@outabroad) of Out Abroad
Photo: Susan Shain


Colombia is an inexpensive and beautiful country filled with cultural and outdoorsy activities. Though it's long had a reputation as being dangerous, its people are some of the most welcoming around. Go soon -- before everyone else does!
Susan Shain (@travljunkette) of Travel Junkette