Welcome to wonderful Copenhagen! Known for its sustainable design, delicious New Nordic cuisine and happy people, Copenhagen has plenty to offer.

Hop aboard this virtual tour and enjoy the Danish capital from the comfort of your home.


Get all comfy and snuggly on your sofa, and let us guide you through wonderful Copenhagen.

Music to your ears

Every journey starts with the music … or at least it should. We’ve put together a selection of Danish artists and songs that will set the mood for your visit.

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Explore with one click


Explore Copenhagen’s various sights with Google Earth.

📍The Copenhagen Opera
📍Dronning Louises Bridge
📍The Little Mermaid
📍Tivoli Gardens”


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Helicopter tour

Copenhagen is as pretty from the sky as it is from the ground. Enjoy these amazing aerial shots of the city.


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Get comfortable on your sofa … we’re about to start the tour to the heart of the city.

Talk like a local

The Danish language is a North Germanic language spoken by around 6 million people. Once you start learning a bit, you’ll quickly be able to understand a bit of Swedish and Norwegian too. That’s because all three languages are derived from Old Norse, the language of the vikings.

Ready for a bit of Danish (with or without pastry in hand)?


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Lunch time

Do like the locals and whip up a delicious Smørrebrød.

Rye bread is perhaps the most important part of it. Go ahead and try your hand at baking it with this recipe.

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Afternoon at the museum

Take a virtual tour of the Middle Ages and Renaissance age at the National Museum of Denmark.

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The hygge continues into the evening. With a drink in hand and a delicious meal to savour, we embark on some cultural explorations.

Happy hour

You made it through the day, and what better way to reward yourself than with a cocktail? A Copenhagen Sour might just do the trick. Skål!

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The munchies

New Nordic cuisine is all about local, natural and seasonal ingredients paired with traditional foods prepared in new ways.

Once you taste this delicate and flavourful dish, you’ll be a convert to the New Nordic Cuisine in no time.

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Cultural encounters

What better way to attain full cultural immersion than with a book in hand, a movie, a series to binge, or a live show to keep you dreaming?