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Beach & nature

Dare to bare it all: the best activities to experience in th ...

If you’ve ever felt inclined to boogie in your birthday suit, here’s the skinny on the 8 naked activities you need to experience.

Off the beaten track: 12 secret spots in Paris

Paris reigns as one of the most visited cities in the world, with must-sees at every turn. For some off the beaten track sightseeing, explore these 12 little-known spots and things to see in Paris
Food & drink

The 8 best food markets in Europe

Check out our top 8 food markets in Europe, all of which both offer an incredible choice of fresh food and some snacks to grab if you get hungry right away
News & tips

Gunnar Garfors: a record-breaking globetrotter

It's the trip of a lifetime, but Gunnar Garfors did it all before turning 38! The "hobby traveling" Norwegian explains his inspiration for visiting every country in the world, and reveals his exclusive travel tips

12 luxury resorts with jaw-dropping vistas

These 12 luxury resorts set the bar sky high when it comes to vistas! Have a look but be careful ... it might interfere with the rest of your vacation plans.