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Someone told me, when I first moved to Oslo, that the best bread in town came from Åpent Bakeri. Almost four years on, I still haven’t found a better place to relax, sip coffee, and indulge in a delicious piece of bread or pastry.

There are a few Åpent Bakeri outlets in the city, but my favourite has got to be the café at Ulleval Hageby, around 10 minutes walk from Ulleval Stadium’s T-bane stop. A wall of hand-made bread, freshly baked on the premises, makes for a tough decision but I nearly always opt for a piece of muesli bread which, with its nuts, fruit and wholegrain flour would be healthy if it wasn’t for the sheer size of it; this roll is a meal in itself.

If you’re digestive system isn’t up to the high-fibre challenge, I can highly recommend boller (soft, sweet rolls infused with just the right amount of cinnamon), scones with raisins, nuts and a hint of orange zest, or the ever-reliable treat that is pain au chocolat.

The café’s interior is bright and fresh, with black and white tiles on the floor, and snazzy lighting on the wall. However, if the weather is good enough – and Norwegians sit outside even in the cool weather of spring and autumn, using the blankets provided for warmth - the terrace is a must.

It pays to turn up early, as the bread disappears fast, with lots of people doing take-away, and vacant seats at a premium. One advantage of having to queue at the counter is the time it allows for gazing at the glorious bread and making what can be a surprisingly difficult decision.

Åpent Bakeri, Damplassen 24-25, Oslo.

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by Norway Nomad 26. Aug 2008
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