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The first time I visited Vigelands Park, a group of Japanese tourists gestured me into having my photo taken with them. I hadn’t the heart or sign language necessary to explain that I wasn’t in fact Norwegian, having just stepped off the plane myself. I assume that that is what they wanted - a picture of a genuine Scandinavian person posing at one of Oslo’s most photographed landmarks.

Photo by gerry.scappaticci

Looking back, I can’t really fathom why these visitors were so keen on getting a picture of a living person in workout gear and baseball cap (and no makeup!) on a Sunday stroll, when the real photo opportunities were the 212 life-like bronze statues in the park.

I still tend to gawp in amazement at the skill it took to create these bronze people; the men and women are fatter and shorter than today’s typical models, and all the more lovable for it.

Photo by Trebz

My favourites are the phallic monolith with human bodies intertwined, the man juggling babies (just like me, but naked), and the angry baby throwing an incredibly life-like tantrum, all without a stitch of clothing on.

I never visit Vigelands Park without a camera, as the bronze people make great photographic subjects, with the weather and light always making a difference. I have to choose my times carefully though when trying to capture arty shots that look great in sepia or black and white; it can be hard to avoid those darn tourists who insist on getting in the way.

Go further: There is no entrance fee at Vigelandsparken. Click here and find other things to see & in Oslo - the world's the priciest capital - that won't ruin your budget.  

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by Norway Nomad 23. Jul 2008
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