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To and from the airport(s):

From Tegel the JetExpressBus TXL runs to Alexanderplatz.

A taxi to the centre of town will take about 30 minutes and cost approximately €25.

Schönefeld is the former airport of East Berlin and located 18km South-East of the city. It’s small, barren and mainly serviced by budget airlines. The S-bahn train station is a 5-minute walk from the airport; the Airport Express runs to Alexanderplatz and Zoo Bahnhof between 5am and 11.30pm and takes 30 minutes. A taxi will cost approximately €35 and take 50 minutes.

Getting around in Berlin:

If you’re in town for more than four days, it’s worth while to buy a weekly pass for public transportation.


Berlin has two train systems: the S-bahn (over ground) and U-bahn (underground). Information on both can be found at Tickets for both can be purchased from yellow machines on station platforms. Weekly, day, single and short-distance (three U- or S-bahn stops and six on the bus or tram) tickets can be purchased. Be sure to validate your ticket after purchase.


Taxis can be expensive – €2.50 before you start and €1.50 for every km.

If you say ”kurzstrecke” (short distance), on entering a taxi, you can go two kilometers in any direction for only €3. This only applies if you hail the taxi in the street yourself, and thus not if you take a taxi from a taxi stop.

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By Mette Lomholdt & Katrine Salomon

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