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April 29 is the long awaited International Dance Day. At momondo we totally support a day dedicated to dancing and we've decided to celebrate the day too. Therefore we’ve asked our city bloggers to come up with their favourite spots to go and dance or watch others do it. So put on your boogie shoes and let our bloggers guide you through the best dance spots in cities across the world.

Let's dance: New York

As a Brit in New York, there's a couple of phrases I have to watch out for. For example, asking to 'bum a fag' is sure to raise a few eyebrows, even if you're only trying to cadge a cigarette. But for a night out, Brits, Yanks and Euros alike should take the opportunity to head to their nearest Gotham swing joint and ask their best guy or gal to join in them in a fast and furious Collegiate Shag.

This scuffling, jitterbugging style was created by American students back in the 1920s, but almost 90 years on it's still alive and double-kicking in the Big Apple, along with more well-known retro dance-styles like Balboa, West-Coast Swing and Lindy-Hop.

So you've pomaded your quiff and shined your dancing shoes - now all you need to do is follow Broadway's bright lights to Midtown West and you'll soon be boogying-back with the best of them. While big-budget, high-kicking shows like Chicago, West Side Story and Billy Elliot continue to dominate the theatre district, just a few blocks over you'll find established venues like Connolly's which hosts West-Coast Swing nights every Tuesday, and weekend Big Band parties at their Times Square branch.

For jumpin' live music every night of the week try Swing 46, where for $12 you get to share the dance-floor with some of the city's most envy-enducing jivers. If you're in town on a Thursday head to the Frim Fram Jam at Club 412. It's only $8 to get in, but the scene doesn't really get swinging until 10 or 11pm. As with all the city's juke-joints, chances are you'll be asked to take a turn with one of the club's regulars. Don't be shy - social dancing is all about rocking out to great music, and no-one will care if you're triple-stepping when you oughta be ball-changing.

Aside from the regular nights, New York swingers like to throw a party or two. Check out New York Swing Dance Society or Yehoodi ('for the hardcore hepcat swinger') for the latest. Happy shim-shamming kids!

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by Brooklyn Fairytale 5. Apr 2013
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