New York's Haute Beer Revolution

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For too long beer has been languishing in wine's shadow. While grape snobs have had their pick of wine pairings, led tastings and expert advice, hops fans have been relegated to the city's sports bars and dives, fobbed off with cheap cans of PBR and 2-4-1 pitchers of Bud Lite. But not any more. Now the times, they are a changing.

When the city's first beer sommelier was hired, it might have looked like a gimmick. Now, hot spots like Park Slope's Beer Table are proving that ale lovers are every bit as sophisticated as their pinot-quaffing counterparts. Whether you're looking for a limited-edition, one-of-a-kind trappist brew, the perfect beer and chocolate pairing, or a haute home-brew, then read on. But remember: New York's beer-drinking scene is always changing. Use these recommendations as a starting point for your own booze-soaked adventures.

After all, they don't call it Happy Hour for nothing.

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by Brooklyn Fairytale 25. Apr 2012
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