The rise and rise of the hybrid coffee shop

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For time-poor, fashion-forward, Starbucks-hating Londoners, things are starting to look up. A new generation of independent coffee shops has sprung up all over the city - especially around East London where the hipsters and home-workers congregate. What sets these joints apart is the fact that they offer a little something extra: from books and bands to puncture repair and shoe-making classes. While some are strictly daytime hang-outs, others keep the Joe brewing til well into the evening, offering booze and food to keep the party going long after the laptops have been put away.

But what makes all these places so special is the love that's gone into them: they've sourced the best beans, baked the yummiest cakes and hired the coolest staff. If you're missing out on them you're missing out, period.

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by Brooklyn Fairytale 18. Apr 2012
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