7 Great Places To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


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From Auckland to Chicago, from Dubai to Dublin, the Irish, their descendants, and anybody else wanting a good party, celebrates St. Patrick’s Day on (or around) March 17th. Here are some of the great places to celebrate St. Patrick and a bit of background about who St. Patrick was and why it is celebrated. 

St. Patrick is the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland who is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. While not the first to bring Christianity to Ireland, St. Patrick is said to have encountered the Druids at Tara and abolished their pagan rites. The story holds that he converted the warrior chiefs and princes, baptizing them and thousands of their subjects in the "Holy Wells" that still bear this name.

Following the potato famines, when many Irish emigrated, they took their traditions with them, and continued to celebrate March 17th, believed to be the day that St. Patrick died, and is certainly the reason that St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated around the world.

Dublin, Ireland

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A no-brainer. Where else would you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than in Ireland’s capital city Dublin, that is transformed into one big party from March 12th to 19th. The main event is the actual St. Patrick’s Day parade, which takes place in the city center on the 17th, and this year has the theme ‘Extraordinary World’, with street theatre troupes, artists, giant puppetry, dancers and marching bands from Ireland and across the globe.

Find out more about the parade and everything else taking place in Dublin during the week at www.stpatricksfestival.ie

Chicago, United States

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Over 1 million Chicago inhabitants descend from the Irish, so it’s no wonder that the weekend up to St. Patrick’s Day is one big green party. Celebrated on March 13th, even the Chicago River turns green for the day, 45kg of vegetable dye is poured into the river at 10:45am before the parade that kicks off at noon.

Wrap up, it can be pretty cold as the wind whips off Lake Michigan.

Read more at: www.chicagostpatsparade.com

New York, United States

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For the 249th consecutive year, the New York holds it’s legendary St. Patrick’s Day Parade, along 5th Avenue. Floats, automobiles, and exhibits, the usual elements that most people associate with parades, are not permitted in the parade, which attracts around 150,000 marchers each year and millions of people lining 5th Avenue.

Read more at: nyc-st-patrick-day-parade.org

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in few non-English speaking countries, but exceptions are Uruguay and Argentina. Argentina has the 5th largest Irish community outside Ireland, thanks to the British invasion of 1806 that consisted primarily of Irish soldiers.

More than 50.000 green-clad people participated in last years St. Patrick's Day street party along 10 blocks of Reconquista (a street in downtown Buenos Aires, with several Irish pubs). Thank's to the mild climate, the party usually carries on well into the following day. The only downside is that Guiness costs twice as much as local beers due to to import tarrifs.

Boston, United States

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Boston has a stong Irish relationship - the closest major US port to Ireland, it bacame the dropping off port for many of the Irish who emigrated to the United States and gave name to its famous basketball team, the Celtics. Added to that, Boston has more Irish pubs than any city outside Ireland.

Boston has a wealth of activities for the week around St. Patrick Day, including the Irish heritage walk, Irish bands and its St. Patrick's Day's Parade featuring bagpipers and bands from Ireland, Boston, and across the United States. More than 600.000 usually turn out to watch the colorful floats, bands and other acts march by. The parade takes place on Sunday the 14th at 1pm. 

Read more at: www.bostoncentral.com

Savannah, Georgia, United States

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Celebrated on the actual day, almost half a million people participate in the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, this year marking it's 186th parade. The original parade in 1813, was a small private affair for a group of men of Irish heritage to honor the anniversary of the death of St. Patrick and has grown over the years to become the cities largest annual celebration. Most people arrive a few days early to see the colouring the cities fountains green, as part of the festivities.

Read more at www.savannahsaintpatricksday.com.

Sydney, Australia

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If you want to go somewhere warmer to celebrate, St. Patrick’s Day, you probably can’t find anywhere better than Sydney, where autumn is just starting. Sydney’s celebrates with music in its numerous Irish bars, and a parade on March 21st, with all 32 Irish counties represented in the parade.

Anybody planning for a warm St. Patrick’s Day in Sydney, can read more at www.stpatricksday.org.au.


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